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Ten On Tuesday

1.  Jacob turned 5 last week and it’s time to I post about it.

2.  While we were in California for his birthday (I will be posting about that another day), we did come home to have a little family celebration and for him to have his star cake…3.  He was pretty happy to have his chocolate cake with chocolate icing…and us singing…4.  Then it was time to dive into the presents…5.  Being 5 means you get a big bike…6.  He even obliged me by letting me snap a few of his fiveness…

7.  Also turning 5 means you start the “annual date”.  I was so excited about it.  The girls have so much fun with Dad when they go out and I wanted that so badly with Jacob.  I apparently made him nervous about it.  Oops!  He recovered and got excited too.  He made Jeremiah take him to Costco to pick out some flowers, washed the car, and knocked on the door so I had to answer and let him in.  He was a true gentleman…8.  He told me I looked nice as we walked out to the car.  He even held my hand.  When we got to Zio’s (his choice), he asked me to open the door and then he held it open for me.  We were seated and he decided what he wanted to eat.  We ordered and then played a couple of games of tic tac toe while we waited.  While we were eating, we talked about chickens and roosters, desserts, his presents, and the rain to name a few things.  We ordered dessert and chatted a bit more.  When we left he opened and held the door for me and a couple of other customers.  He was so sweet.  I think he had a lot of fun.  I know I did.

9.  I am pretty sure that date meant more to me than it did to him in all of his fiveness.  But I still have a few years, right?

10.  When we got home, Jacob allowed Jeremiah to take a couple of pictures of us together.  This is my favorite…

Happy Tuesday!

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2 thoughts on “Ten On Tuesday

  1. Gramma Boyer on said:

    Glad to see pics of Jacob turning 5…. He looks so grown up and handsom! Hope he liked his gifts and also Disney!… Can’t wait for June:)

  2. PopPop on said:

    Looks like both of you had an awesome time! What an adventure to celebrate the big 5!

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