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You want to know what’s even worse than your oldest turning into a teenager?  Your baby turning 8.  I thought since I’ve been to 8 two times before it wasn’t going to be such a big deal.  But each year he gets older, it stays being hard.  I mean, he’s getting old, I’m getting older.  It’s just not fair.  I signed up for babies.  While I’m pretty happy being diaper-free, no more middle-of-the-night feedings, no having to worry about nap time (wait-I do kind of miss nap time), none of my kids stayed babies long enough.  I was robbed!

At any rate, Jacob turned 8 in March.  Here’s is official birth minute photo (in the car waiting to go into school)…


He was so excited for his birthday, counting down all month, telling his friends (and teacher) all month how many days til his birthday.  His birthday fell on a Thursday which is when he enjoyed his star cake and presents and Skype calls.



IMG_0007Jacob’s party was on a Saturday and he wanted it to be easy.  Jumping at the local trampoline center with his buddies (and his sisters and mom and dad), and pizza at home.  So that’s what we did.  We jumped for 2 hours!  Then we had pizza and enjoyed his Minecraft cake.  He actually sat down beside me when I was looking on pinterest for ideas.  He picked this one out.  He also supervised the making of the fondant figures to make sure they were correct.  I mean, I don’t know what a creeper is.



A few days before his big birthday, Jacob and I went to the music store to have him fitted for his birthday present from us.  An acoustic guitar.  He’s been wanting to take lessons so we decided that turning 8 would be a good time.  We picked out a guitar that was his size, paid for the first month of lessons, and we were on our way with a pretty big smile on our face!


The day after his big party was our annual mom and son date.  I so look forward to this every year.  We were going to go for breakfast and then to a movie but he decided the night before that he didn’t think he could wait to eat breakfast at the restaurant.  So we opted for a movie and then lunch.  We saw Home in 3D (which was such a fun movie) and ate at Chili’s.


We also took his 8 year pictures.


Yep, he’s all grown up!  We love you, Jacob.

The Graduation

On Tuesday, May 21, the kindergarten class had a music/promotion ceremony.  It was at the end of the school day and Jacob was just so excited about the whole thing.  He went to bed Monday night stating “After tomorrow, I will be a first grader”.  *Sigh*  This year has gone by so fast.  And he has enjoyed every bit of kindergarten.

He even wanted to wear a button shirt for his special day.  Those who know Jacob know how big that is.  He also decided he was going to wear slacks instead of jeans and his “date shoes”!  So he went to school dressed rather handsome and we joined him in the afternoon for his promotion ceremony.

When the curtain opened the kids were under strict instruction to not wave at their parents because they were big kids now and big kids don’t do that.  Maybe 2 or 3 kids actually waved!  Jacob just gave me a big smile.

IMG_0001The kids performed a few songs based on nursery rhymes with a bit of a twist.  For example one of their songs was titled “Gettin’ Down with Mama Goose”.  They were jammin’ and singing their hearts out.  It was a great music program!


Then came the promotion part.  There are four kindergarten classes.  Jacob’s class was the last to call their students for their certificates.  The teachers also went in alphabetical order.  Jacob’s class was last to go and he happens to be the last name in the class.  So he was the last student called to accept his certificate.  Don’t worry about Jacob’s self-esteem.  He was cheering (loudly) for all his friends in his class and since he was last got a big round of applause from all the parents.

IMG_0034It actually fit that Jacob was called last.  It was like it was supposed to be that way.  He certainly didn’t mind!


The next day several people (including a couple of teachers) mentioned about how great Jacob was cheering on his friends.  I just smiled and said, “yep, that’s my son!”


We were able to get a picture of Jacob and his teacher (who taught her last year this year).  We hope you have a fabulous retirement, Mrs. Walker!

IMG_0042So now it’s official.  No more kindergarteners in this house.  Sniff, sniff.  Man, it’s hard growing up!  We love you , Little Man!!


Did you know that today was our very last 6th birthday bash? Well, it was.  And did you know that there was a certain boy who was all over turning 6 today?  Well, he was. In fact, he was so excited about turning 6 that he came downstairs just before 8am to see if there would be a visible change from 8am to 8:01am (his birth minute).


Well, there wasn’t but he said he felt older, nonetheless!  Dad had to take the birthday boy for a hair cut this morning.  I mean, he had to look great for our big date tonight!  When he told the hair cut lady that it was his birthday and that he had to go buy flowers for Mom for his date, the lady decided to give him a little gift (a pencil pouch with goodies inside) and send him on his way.  After lunch, he decided to open his birthday presents.  So after a photobomb from dad…


and a photo of him posing like the “woman in art class” (meaning Mona Lisa)…


he got right to it…


He was very happy with the things he received.  It was soon time for our date.  Since we were ready a bit earlier than planned, he agreed to a little photo shoot.



When I asked him to pose like I feel.  This is what I got…


I wasn’t sad.  A little sentimental, yes. But not sad.  I did not feel the need to cry all day!  Then he suggested this…


And this is what I felt like…


No, really, I didn’t but he is my baby.  I did feel like running to my bedroom and pouting today, maybe just one time. 😉

What’s so big about turning six?  In this house, you get to start chewing gum!  Jacob’s choice for his first piece?  Root beer flavored sugarless gum…


It was a hit!


For about 5 minutes and then he was tired of chewing it and spit it out.  But he told me that when he is in his 20s and not living with me anymore, he can chew gum any time he wants to without asking!  Ok, buddy.

It was time for our date finally.  Jacob rang the doorbell and handed me flowers and even gave me a kiss!


I know the photo is blurry but I love, love, love it.  I love how he has his hands in his pockets, how he let me kiss him for the flowers, how he blushed when I thanked him for the flowers, how his has his “date” shoes on, all of it.  We went to Olive Garden for our date.  He held my hand to cross the parking lot because “a gentleman helps a lady cross the street” and held the door for me to enter first.

When we finished our date and arrived home, he was ready for his cake.  So we sang and so did he…


and we enjoyed our last 6th birthday celebration…


Happy Birthday, Jacob.  We love you!!

Jacob’s Turn

It’s Friday!  Jacob is loving full day kindergarten.  He comes home with all his class work and is so proud of himself.  He is exhausted by the time we get home, however.  It’s been an adjustment.  But he does love it.  In fact, when the kids had off (yes, that’s right three days off after going to school for a week!) for literacy testing, he was so upset.  He couldn’t figure out why they could just test them during the day.

None of my kids have ever been criers.  You know, the kids who are screaming for their mamas or dads at the beginning of the day.  While I am so glad they never have been and feel for the parents who have to go through all that, it still tugs a little that none of them have ever missed me.  I do get a hug from each of them when they leave and a hug when we meet again at the end of the day.  This is what I get instead…This cute little stinker just unloads his stuff right in the middle of where ever he feels…Typically right in the middle of the kitchen, right in the way of the bathroom which everyone seems to need to use as soon as we get in the door.  But he is so excited about telling me about his day and I’m way too excited to suck up all his attention.  How am I supposed to tell him to stop a sec and move away from the door?Would you be able to do it?  Yeah, me neither.

Jacob’s Day

Did you know that we are officially finished with paying for preschool?  Yep, that’s the good part of this particular milestone.  Jacob graduated from preschool!  While there was no official ceremony for his class they did get little certificates of completion and the teachers were happy to take a picture with the boy…Then Jacob yelled, “Funny face, now” and they obliged…Jacob also graduated from his Little Gym class.  We say graduated because he isn’t continuing on when school starts in August.  So his class put on a show for the parents.

 There were some pretty cool moves.  Then it was on to the medals… We are so proud of him having so much fun with preschool and The Little Gym.   He’s come a long way from the beginning of the year.  Jacob is so excited about kindergarten!

Ten On Tuesday

1.  Jacob turned 5 last week and it’s time to I post about it.

2.  While we were in California for his birthday (I will be posting about that another day), we did come home to have a little family celebration and for him to have his star cake…3.  He was pretty happy to have his chocolate cake with chocolate icing…and us singing…4.  Then it was time to dive into the presents…5.  Being 5 means you get a big bike…6.  He even obliged me by letting me snap a few of his fiveness…

7.  Also turning 5 means you start the “annual date”.  I was so excited about it.  The girls have so much fun with Dad when they go out and I wanted that so badly with Jacob.  I apparently made him nervous about it.  Oops!  He recovered and got excited too.  He made Jeremiah take him to Costco to pick out some flowers, washed the car, and knocked on the door so I had to answer and let him in.  He was a true gentleman…8.  He told me I looked nice as we walked out to the car.  He even held my hand.  When we got to Zio’s (his choice), he asked me to open the door and then he held it open for me.  We were seated and he decided what he wanted to eat.  We ordered and then played a couple of games of tic tac toe while we waited.  While we were eating, we talked about chickens and roosters, desserts, his presents, and the rain to name a few things.  We ordered dessert and chatted a bit more.  When we left he opened and held the door for me and a couple of other customers.  He was so sweet.  I think he had a lot of fun.  I know I did.

9.  I am pretty sure that date meant more to me than it did to him in all of his fiveness.  But I still have a few years, right?

10.  When we got home, Jacob allowed Jeremiah to take a couple of pictures of us together.  This is my favorite…

Happy Tuesday!

Leader Day

Jacob was class leader today at school.  Since it was the last day before Spring Break and his birthday happens to be on Monday, they celebrated his birthday.  He was so excited.  I asked what he wanted to take for snack and he said, “Jacobobs” without hesitation.  I asked if he wanted to make them colorful.  He said, “sure”.  So I used one of my pins on pinterest and made rainbow fruit kabobs.I was happy with the way they turned out.  I used strawberries, cuties slices, pineapple chunks, green grapes, blueberries, blackberries, and red grapes.  ROYGBIV!Jacob was pretty pleased with them too.  According to him, his classmates loved them!  We will be doing these again.

Jacob’s Turn

This is about Jacob’s gym class at The Little Gym.  Last week was his mid-season show week and he was so excited to show us what he’s learned so far.  Since I was making sure girls got home with the right parents, Dad took Jacob and took pictures of the show.  Jacob loves this class.  He loves the instructor and his friends.  We’ll start with the warm up…

Then it was onto the real skills…I love that Jeremiah caught him mid-jump.  And Mr. Robert gives a fist bump for to reward Jacob…Check out this arm strength!

 and more rolling…And the whole group with silly faces.  I think Mr. Robert really is a big kid!Jacob had a great time.  I was so glad Jeremiah was able to get the photo that he did.  It made me feel like I didn’t miss it at all!  Happy Weekend!

Then And Now

Today was Jacob’s last day of preschool at Odyssey Elementary.  So I will do a comparison of his beginning of the year and end of the year photos.  Here he is in October, kicking it preschool (that’s what his shirt says)…

And here he is today, ready for field day and his end of the year party (more on that later)…

And, yes, we had to do one funny face, of course…

Not a lot has changed with Jacob.  He’s a little more mature looking.  He is certainly more focused when doing tasks.  He looks forward to doing certain tasks.  He definitely acts like what I thought a four-year old boy would act like, which is not unlike his sisters at this age.  He loves to learn and gets excited when he knows new things.

Overall, this year has been great for him.  He is looking forward to next year at a new preschool for more days!

Big Day

So many of you know that my son has a small fetish about buttons. Since we was about 2 years old, he has said that buttons hurt him. He wears pants with buttons all the time but shirts were off-limits. There was no budging on the issue. In fact, the only time we’ve ever been able to get him into a shirt with buttons was when Pop Pop talked him into it in Hawaii. Yes, I know that means that Pop Pop should just move here and there wouldn’t be any issue with buttons but since that’s not happening soon I had to figure something out. I mean, really I didn’t want to have the only son who wore a t-shirt under his tux at his high school prom, or worse, his own wedding! I decided to try a green stripy polo shirt I found at target. It had two green buttons…it had to work! When I brought it home, we convinced him to just try it on over the t-shirt he was already wearing. He agreed. Dad made a comment that he looked like he was at least 6 years old and that he should try to leave the shirt on for 6 minutes. Jacob agreed. Over 2 1/2 hours later, he was still wearing the shirt (buttons, tags, and all) without any hurting of any kind. He realized he was ready for shirts with buttons! VICTORY!!

So Monday was class picture day at school. It isn’t a day that Jacob normally goes to school but he needed to be there by 11am for the class photo. He decided to wear a shirt full of buttons. He went straight for the one in his closet that had 8 buttons on it (and one of them was on his back!). He was so excited to look like a big boy. He even posed for me before we headed to the school…

He wore it well, don’t you think?  Thanks to the Laughrey’s for sending the shirt for his birthday!  Maybe I can work on a tie next…

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