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Easter was almost a month ago but I posting about our day anyway…

The kids woke to baskets of goodies on the table…complete with a note from The Easter Bunny stating that he tried to hide the eggs but Jumpy (the resident squirrel) wouldn’t let the eggs alone…Seriously, look at this egg.  He took it right up to the tree, opened it, and ate all the M & Ms inside!

The kids were pretty tickled by the note, even when Mazie noticed that Peter’s writing is very similar to Santa’s…I guess I have to work on the notes ;-).  They waited patiently for Dad to hide the eggs and then they went for it…Even Maxine helped to find eggs…After they were finished checking out their new loot,they stayed still for a family photo…you can see the parents in the glass door…

Happy Easter…a few weeks late…

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One thought on “Easter

  1. Gramma Boyer on said:

    Great post and awesome pictures…. Such fun and imagination! Jumpy must be a stinker…. LOL :D!…. Can’t wait for June!

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