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Turning Eight

Today Jamie turned 8.  We had her party last weekend.  She opted for a spa party at The Castle House Spa, which if you know Jamie you know that this is way girly for her.  So we ventured to the Castle…for some major girly pampering where Jamie was treated like a princess…There was lemonade and cookies while the girls soaked their feet in a Japanese foot soak…mini facials…nail painting…and a paraffin wax hand dip

The girls all sang to Jamie and she blew out her candles on her princess cake and then she opened presentsShe was happy and so were the rest of the pampered girls!

Jamie and Dad had their annual date to Fargo’s.  Dad picked her up with pretty purple and white flowers…She had a great time as usual and was happy to have dad’s undivided attention!  We celebrated her birthday with a small family party yesterday.  She had her start cake

and opened all her presents.We celebrated yesterday since Dad had a work dinner for tonight and wouldn’t be home after school.  But today was still very special for Jamie.  The school gives birthday ribbons to the birthday kids so she had that on all day.  Plus Jacob and I joined Jamie for lunch today which was fun for both kids!  We also took Jamie’s birthday treat to her class.  She ordered up mint chocolate truffles that looked like lady bugs.  I think they turned out pretty cute…According to Jamie some of her friends asked for the recipe which is funny since they are all 7 or 8!  When Jamie got home from school and finished her homework, she helped make her birthday dinner of spaghetti and meatballs.  While we were doing this she told me that she got the best present ever for her birthday today.  She got an award for writing a story for the Young Authors.  She gets to meet Joan Musick and have a story that she wrote all by herself in a book with other students’ stories.  She remembered Mazie receiving this when she was in Kindergarten.  So she was pretty tickled with herself and I was pretty proud of her.  She decided that Pop Pop gets to join her for the little party the school is having for all the young authors in the school.

At bedtime tonight she said it was a pretty awesome birthday and that turning 8 was fun.  I’d have to agree with her!  Happy Birthday, Jamie Bo.

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3 thoughts on “Turning Eight

  1. PopPop on said:

    Pretty awesome birthday for a pretty and awesome 8-year-old! You are fantastic – love you lots!

  2. Gramma Boyer on said:

    Great party place… Very girly! Love it… Love that you had a wonderful party!…. 😀

  3. J.J. Killins on said:

    That is one splendid party Jamie Bo! Happy 8! I am so impressed by your award!

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