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Ten on Tuesday: Father’s Day edition

1.  On Father’s Day, the kids woke up wishing dad a happy day.  It was a lovely, sunny day.

2.  The kids went right into gift giving mode.  Jamie went first with all her handmade things…thanks to Highlights magazine!

3.  Jacob went second and felt the need to “explain” everything he made.  It didn’t stop him from give big hugs and kisses though…

4.  Mazie made cards in every color of the rainbow and was pretty crafty with the things she made too. 

5.  Then they gave him the “paid for” gifts.  A bunch of new summer clothes.  They each had their own requests and insisted on everything being blue.  I did sneak in a red or green item but listened to what they wanted.

6.  My new favorite picture of my favorite people…

7.  After we skyped with Pop Pop and called Pappy John, we took our bikes to the park and some playtime.  Then Dad set up the tent.

8.  Yep, the kids and Dad spent the night in the tent in the back yard while the (much smarter) parent spent the night in her big comfy bed.

9.  Do you see the dog in the picture?  That’s Sadie.  We are in a trial period with her to see if she will join our family.  She’s a great dog.  A little aggressive toward Maxine but mostly we are all getting along.

10.  The kids are pretty fond of their dad.  I have to say that I’m pretty pleased with him too.  Happy Father’s Day!

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One thought on “Ten on Tuesday: Father’s Day edition

  1. PopPop on said:

    Sounds like it was an awesome day! Lovely family!

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