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Since yesterday marked one week until school starts, I figured it was high time to share our summer memories.  So I’ll begin with our trip to visit family in Pennsylvania at the beginning of June.  We went in and out of Pittsburg so we could celebrate my favorite niece’s third birthday.  She was so happy to see the kids!  They all hid from her so that she had to find them when she got home from school. 

After she found each of the kids and hugged them, we had a little celebration of the family band.  Even Pop Pop got involved…Then we headed out to Chuck E. Cheese and the kids were in heaven.  While Chloe made sure the mouse himself stayed a good distance away, they all had fun with the games and the celebration…

This girl is serious about her ice cream!  The next day we joined Chloe for her official birthday party.  The kids played happily in the yard like they hadn’t been apart for six months!  We all had a great time.  Even Jeremiah and I were able to get into the pictures…

Then we all sang to Chloe once again and she opened her gifts…

She’s a ham, isn’t she?  But she’s cute anyway!

We then made the drive to Pop Pop’s house to visit the rest of the fam.  At Pop Pop’s house we made homemade ice cream and relaxed…

We also ventured to the park and met up with new cousins!

There was some lettin’ loose too.  Jacob is always the entertainer…We also visited Stahr Mam where she put the kids to work…working out or working in the yard…

So there you have it…our trip to Pennsylvania.  It was a fun trip!

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3 thoughts on “Pennsylvania

  1. carissa on said:

    so glad to see the pictures, but you forgot the “h” in pittsbugh. chloe just LOVES her cousins and talks about them all the time

  2. carissa on said:

    oops i forgot the “r”

  3. PopPop on said:

    So glad to have all of you visit here. We all had a marvelous time!

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