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Ten on Tuesday

1.  School starts for the kids on Thursday!  They are so excited.  Jacob can’t wait to be at school all day.  Jamie can’t wait to be the big kid at school.  Mazie can’t wait for middle school.

2.  I’m a little worried about middle school.  It’s scares me.  I’m not sure if it’s because I didn’t have a middle school to go to or if Mazie’s just so small or if I’m just being a mom.  Does anyone wanna help me out?

3.  I’m a little worried about Jacob going all day long.  I’m mean, I’m sure he’s ready.  I’m just afraid for him at lunch.  The girls didn’t have all day kindergarten.  I’m also a little worried about what I’m supposed to do all day long.  (Again, with the help?)

4.  I have to say I’m a little worried about Jamie being out in the modular buildings and not in the school.  The district didn’t build the school big enough for all the students.  Third grade gets to be out in the modulars (and I think one 4th grad class).  She’s just so small.  But Mazie was fine being out there in third grade so I guess Jamie will be too, right?  (OK that one I’m just being a mom)

5.  We’ve had a lovely two months of summer.  It’s been crazy hot but we’ve done a few family outings here and there.  I’ll post July events soon.  Quite a few of our outings I just didn’t take the camera.  I just enjoyed them instead of stressing about getting pictures.  And this year, I’m ok with that.

6.  Did I mention that I have the best husband?  Well, I do.  You remember my computer woes back in May.  It took until the end of June for Best Buy’s Geek Squad to do a data recovery and find pictures that I was so afraid that I had lost.  Pictures from my date with Jacob, Jamie’s birthday party, most of May things.  I was devastated that those pictures might not be there.  We received the external drive back and I just couldn’t bring myself to open the recovered files.  Jeremiah decided to look for himself and found everything I was worried about!  I could have cried when he said the pictures were all there.  I’m no photographer but my pictures are still very important to me.

7.  Which makes me rethink some of our adventures this summer that I didn’t take the camera…

8.  The girls and I went for our annual back-to-school pedicures today.  I love watching the girls get pampered.  They are fun to watch.

9.  Tomorrow is their back-to-school dental check up.  They are all so excited about having polished teeth for school.

10.  It’s funny how I started and ended with back to school things.  I didn’t try that.  More to come of our summer adventures.

Happy Tuesday!

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One thought on “Ten on Tuesday

  1. PopPop on said:

    You need to quit worrying about the schools – just be thankful your children are so very excited about going back to school. They will adjust to their school settings very well, they will have a great experience, and they will enjoy learning. Your biggest problem will be on Thursday when all 3 of them come home and want to share their first day excitement with you- all at once! Relax!

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