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Ten On Tuesday

1.  Today Jacob was reading his Brain Box cards on animals (each card give information about different animals such as how they live, what they eat, etc).  He came across the Southern Elephant Seal which told him they live in a harem.  When I vaguely explained what a harem was he said, “Oh they kind of live like we do when Daddy is at work.  You know, there are two girl dogs and three women and I’m the man.”  After catching my breath, I said that it wasn’t quite like that and said that “the man” was kind of the husband to all the ladies.  He said that he couldn’t wait to get a harem of his own then.

2.  Yep, that’s the stuff that I’m dealing with when it comes to my five-year old boy.

3.  Mazie and Jamie are, for the most part, enjoying playing so far this summer.  We are on our fifth week of summer break.  I’d say that’s a new record for them not being completely sick of each other!

4.  The basic arrive at the Air Force Academy on Thursday.  Yep, that means, Jeremiah’s not really going to be around much for the rest of the summer.

5.  Like Friday, he goes in to work around 6 in the evening and won’t be home until close to midnight on Saturday!

6.  So I’m hoping that Mazie and Jamie can keep playing nicely so my world doesn’t completely crumble because no one can get along and there is nothing to do.

7.  I still have to post about our little trip to Pennsylvania at the beginning of the month.  I’m hoping to do that later this week.  I still have a few pictures to edit.

8.  I would really love to go to the beach with the family, just to have fun in the sand.  Not a big trip anywhere and not for anything special.  Just some fun in the sun.  That’s funny since I’m not really a beach person.  I do love my mountains.

9.  Speaking of my mountains, they are burning.  It’s in the Waldo Canyon area.  Manitou Springs was evacuated on Sunday and then were allowed to go back.  There were many other areas evacuated and some more put on “get ready” status.  More than 3500 acres are already burned and the fire is only 5% contained.  Officials are expecting about that many more acres are to burn before they can get it under control.  You know it’s bad when we can see the plume of smoke constantly and smell the smoke when playing outside.  We are praying for the firefighters and the families.

10.  The Little Gym is taking donations for snacks for the firefighters and such who are working so hard to get the fire under control.  If you are in the are, you can drop of snack items at The Little Gym off Tutt Blvd anytime this week.  They will make sure it gets to Care and Share!

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3 thoughts on “Ten On Tuesday

  1. J.J. on said:

    We have beaches here!

  2. PopPop on said:

    Hope the fires get under control real fast! Glad to see everyone is enjoying their summer. And, yes, I really can see Jacob having his own harem!

  3. Gramma Boyer on said:

    Glad all is going well… With your little man and his harem.!!! 🙂 Gotta love that thinking:)

    Hope all the fires go out soon! Those mountains are too beautiful to get burned away:(

    Hugs and kisses to all!

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