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Back To School: Part One

Today we headed back to school.  Mazie went to a team building day with the other new sixth graders but wanted tomorrow to be documented as her first official day of school.  She didn’t have classes today so she couldn’t justify counting it as her first day.

Jamie entered third grade and was the big sister on campus since Mazie was no long at the school.  She took her big sister duties seriously and let me know that she was watching out for her little brother!  Jamie was so excited to start school.She picked out a purple dress complete with purple dangly earrings which coordinated nicely with her tan wedge sandals and sparkly grey backpack.  It’s all about the fashion for third graders, didn’t you know?  She was so happy when I picked her up after school.  Those who know Jamie know she isn’t much of a talker but she didn’t stop talking about her first day.  It’s nice to hear her so animated about school!

Jacob was the one I was worried most about.  I wasn’t really ready for him to be going all day every day.  I thought I had another year of him being home with me for half the day without the girls.  But the district decided to change their kindergarten program to free all day school.  Jacob couldn’t have been more excited.  In fact, when we got there this morning, other students were organizing their supplies and he was trying to be patient.  He put his head down on his desk and said, “When are we going to start learning!”When I picked him up at the end of the day, I asked how his day was.  He answered, “Interesting”.  He was so tired.  After he got his second wind though he told me all about it.  He said he learned so much that instead of going back to kindergarten tomorrow he was ready to go on to first grade.  Then he said he was joking that he liked kindergarten and would just stay there.

Last week when I asked the kids what they wanted for their back to school supper, Mazie said spaghetti and meatballs, Jamie said fettuccine alfredo, and Jacob said chicken, noodles, and broccoli.  Since I actually didn’t have time (or desire) to make all three of those meals, I decided to opt for the easier route of Noodles & Co to rescue me.  I decided to make a treat instead.  You can read about the treat on the business blog which is going to be updated more regularly now that my husband found all my pictures!

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3 thoughts on “Back To School: Part One

  1. Cannot believe it Jacob! If your daughter is in third, does that mean mine will be in second? Hard to get used to new grades for a new school year, isn’t it?

  2. PopPop on said:

    I am sure Jamie is a wonderful big sister. Glad to see the day was so exciting for both of them. Can’t wait to hear from the big middle-schooler!

  3. Gramma Boyer on said:

    Hat a pretty dress, my dear Jamie! I know you will be great in school …. As well as Jacobs big sister all to your self!.. Can’t wait to hear more!… Love you,my dear Jamie!

    Jacob….you look so handsome… And you are so funny! Just keep on learning all you can!…love you, Mr Jacob!

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