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Ten On Tuesday

1.  Hello February!  It’s almost Valentine’s.  Are you doing anything extra special with your sweetie?

2.  I made the kids and Jeremiah red velvet heart-shaped cake pops.  I’ve never shaped them into anything other than little cupcakes so it was fun to see how they would do with the candy coating.  I was happy with them.  You can go to the business site to see them if you would like to do so.

3.  Jacob’s class celebrated the 100th day school.  They went all out with decorations.  I personally love the hat and glasses.  IMG_0009

4.  Mazie is looking forward to her first dentist check up without her braces.  It’s been a little over 18 months since her last one.  She’s looking forward to each entire tooth being completely clean and to her new retainer.  It’s supposed to have sparkles on it!  Who wouldn’t look forward to that?

5.  Jamie received the Student Of The Month Award for Music out of all the third graders for Music.  She’s very proud of herself, as are we.  Her picture will be displayed on the board with other students of the months in the other discovery classes for the whole month!  And, as you know, Jamie doesn’t really want the praise but she’s happy someone recognized her.  So praise away…just don’t say it to her ;-).

6.  Jeremiah had dinner at USAFA tonight for 100s night.  That’s right, graduation is right around the corner!

7.  I am on week 5 of the Insanity workout.  To say this workout is insane is an understatement.  But I’m enjoying it actually and I certainly feel stronger.  Aside from not being able to lift my arms or bend over without crying during the first week, it’s been a good experience.

8.  I’ve made the primal fudge from pinterest.  Twice.  It’s a huge hit.  I adjusted the recipe a little by using special dark cocoa.  Yum!

9.  Jeremiah and I went to see Identity Theft this weekend.  We highly recommend it!

10.  I also finally saw The Avengers.  I think I would really like to be a hammer wielding super hero and give Thor a run for his money.  I think I’d look good with a hammer.  It’s better than turning into a green monster when I’m angry ;-)!

Happy Tuesday!

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2 thoughts on “Ten On Tuesday

  1. I’m on batch 2 of the primal fudge and it is incredible. Love it. I want to hear more about your workouts!

  2. Congratulation on being Student of the Month – I really think your are an SOM EVERY month!! Can’t wait to see the new retainer, Mazie. You look awesome, Jacob – love the glasses!

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