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Ten on Tuesday

1.  Last week on 100s night, Jeremiah found out where our next assignment takes us.  We are moving to Utah in June.  I hope Hill AFB is ready for this group of Stahrs.

2.  The good thing about moving to Utah?  It’s only a 9 hour drive from Colorado Springs.  After not moving for nearly 6 years, I’d say that is a huge plus in traveling with 3 kids and 2 dogs.  Especially when 3 of those 5 are not fans of long car rides!

3.  I took Mazie to Target tonight to buy deodorant.  She told me a day or two ago that she thinks she needs it and doesn’t want to smell like some of the other kids in her class.  So we went tonight for her to pick a scent she likes.  She only smelled two before picking on she wanted.

4.  After we got home, I hid in my closet and cried.

5.  Not really, but I am so not ready for this body changing thing.  When I expressed my concern, my wonderful husband told me I should be happy that she came to me and asked about it.  I told him he wasn’t helping and continued to whine about how she isn’t really supposed to start this stuff for another year or so.

6.  Was asking for someone to join my woe-is-me-pitty party too much to ask?

7.  I think I would have done better with the bra dilemma.  I mean, if she’s anything like her mama, she won’t need one of those for a few years and that’s because all her friends are wearing them.  She won’t really need a bra until she has babies.  And she’ll probably start her period first.

8.  Oh, gosh, I just thought of her first period.  I better stop thinking now.

9.  Someone!  Anyone! Please figure out how to slow time.  NOW!

10.  I pinned a quote on Pinterest that stated, “Behind every great kid is a MOM who’s pretty sure she’s screwing it up”.  Please tell me I am not the only one who feels I am screwing my kids up all the time.  Please.

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2 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday

  1. Nope you’re not the only one, but I’m pretty sure you’d better promise never to mention her period on the blog ever again:) Seriously you are an amazing mother, and you are also very lucky because you have three, so that’s three chances to get it right:)

    xoxo love you very much!

    • Megan's mom on said:

      I agree with J.J., you aren’t alone….every mother goes through this….It will never get easy….just better! Just take a look at your children and you can see you are a great mother! Mazie is natured like you while Jamie is natured like Jeremiah, and Jacob….is somewhere in between!….Just enjoy the ages they are in and the ones coming up!!!! and get lots of rest in between…your going to need it…..They will take you for a great ride!
      Sent with Love…Mom

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