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Ten On Tuesday

1.  What are we doing on hot days besides going to the splash pad 1 1/2 blocks from out house?  Playing in the nice cool house…I may or may not have enjoyed myself a little too much when I set this up with a little help from Jamie.  I know it should have been the other way around but, again, I was having fun!


2.  I finally was able to bake for the first time in our new house for the Fourth of July.  You can read the details over at the business site.


3.  When I run, I happen to go around a little duck pond that equals 1 1/2 miles.  I took the kids after breakfast one morning to check out the ducks.



4.  We happened to catch a crane while we were there.  He stayed away from us mostly and just floated around…


5.  There were geese too but when they figured out we didn’t bring anything to feed them, they quickly swam away.

6.  I caught this guy jumping in and was thrilled the picture turned out.


7.  The commissary is closed on Mondays because of this whole furlough thing.  Score for me since I was supposed to pick up potatoes and asparagus to roast for yesterday’s supper.  Broccoli and noodles filled the void.

8.  There is a gate just outside our housing area that is closed on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays due to the same issue.  So we have to drive a little further to get off base on the weekends until October, apparently.

9.  We have new neighbors! They happen to have a boy Jacob’s age and two younger girls.  Jacob is ecstatic that there is another boy on the block.  That makes a total of 4 including Jacob.  The rest are girls.

10.  I have some really great news to share but you’ll have to wait until tomorrow! So with that I wish you a happy Tuesday. 😉

*Added Wednesday Morning*

Jeremiah is on the list to be promoted to Lt. Col!  He will be promoted sometime in the next year.  We are so very proud of him and all his hard work!

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One thought on “Ten On Tuesday

  1. Can’t wait to hear the news! Apparently splash pads are keeping us all cool.

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