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Ten On Tuesday

1.  Last weekend we went to a dinosaur park in Ogden to check it out.  We arrived and found we didn’t have to pay for admission because R.A.M.P. was sponsoring free admission day!  BONUS!  It’s a pretty neat park.  There was an inside museum but then there was an outdoor zoo like park.  There were life-sized statues of all kinds of dinos.








2.  We came across some dangerous creatures too…


3.  Jacob was in heaven.  The girls would have been too if it wouldn’t have been so stinkin’ hot.  We were kind of melting as we were walking so that put a damper on the day and we didn’t stay long.  We can’t wait to check it out in more detail when it gets a bit cooler!

IMG_00484.  We also decided to wash the cars this weekend.  They both desperately needed a good washing.  The kids thought the idea was fantastic…

IMG_00645.  Who knew car washing was so fun?




6.  Since the kids were already somewhat wet, we decided to reward them by letting the kids ride their bikes to the splash pad to play…



7.  Do you see?  The girls are both free of training wheels.  Finally.  They have been working so hard since moving here to get rid of those silly things.  And since Jamie kind of caught on a little too quickly for Mazie’s liking, she decided to get it done too.  Now Mazie is riding her beach cruiser with no help!  We are so proud.  Jacob’s in no hurry.  He just likes his big bike the way it is…


8.  This has been our hangout for most of the time we’ve been here.  It’s just been so hot.  The kids enjoy it and I like that we don’t have to drive anywhere to use it.  It’s literally a block away from our house.




9.  Jacob told me this morning at breakfast that he was as “hungry as a pig in a Tootsie roll”.  I’m not sure how hungry that is but he ate 2 scrambled eggs with cheese and ham in them.  Jamie told me after breakfast that she was “stuffed like a pig in a sleeping bag”.  Again, not sure why a sleeping bag…or why pigs were such a topic in my house today.  Mazie decided to not comment on how she was feeling this morning.  Maybe she couldn’t come up with a pig reference to top her siblings or maybe she was in awe of the whole topic.

10.  With Jeremiah being a Lt. Col select now, he is the highest ranking officer on our block.  Those who know my husband know that this is a very weird situation for him.  It’s not our way of life to be the rank.  He’s never acted as such and I think that’s why people who work with him enjoy working with him.  He’s very grounded when it comes to his work and enjoys it.  So it makes it so much better when I can tease him about being the “old man” on the block.  It’s far from the truth as far as age goes.  There are a few officers who were prior enlisted so are older in age but still I have to do my part in keeping this new title from going to his head!  Love you, Jeremiah!

Happy Tuesday!

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2 thoughts on “Ten On Tuesday

  1. Wish we could hit that splash pad with you! Now do mom and dad have bikes too??

    • Yes, Mom and Dad have bikes too. I have an agreement with Mazie that when she is comfortable on her cruiser, I will get one for myself. Jamie is getting ready for a cruiser too. So that will be fun!

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