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Ten On Tuesday

1. We had Fall break last week.  Thursday and Friday off of school, to be exact.  I like a 2 day Fall break compared to our 2 weeks in Colorado.  By Sunday, the kids were ready to go back to school.

2.  Thursday, we went to a Halloween party at Jeremiah’s work.  We all got dressed up and gathered a bunch of candy.  The kids had fun and Jeremiah and I enjoyed watching the kids check out the decorated offices.

3.  Friday the kids and I disinfected the house.  We cleaned from top to bottom, scrubbing every surface.  I was determined to get rid of these germs that have been in my system.  I guess it didn’t really work since Jeremiah has “it” now.  I guess we should have expected that since he was trying to make me feel better when he could.

4.  It was a beautiful, sunny day on Friday so the kids were able to play outside after all the cleaning.  The neighbor kids came out too.  The boys (who are the same age) decided to rake up the leaves.  They did such a great job of working together with only one rake and one shovel!


5.  But the girls (there are four between our two houses) thought it was fantastic enough to jump into the pile of leaves the boys worked so hard on…there are six kids here…




6.  Saturday we took the kids to see Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs 2.  It was one of the best sequels I have seen yet.  It is definitely going to make our DVD library when it gets released.

7.  The kids start their third session of swim lessons on Saturday and they are super excited.

8.  They are also excited that we will be heading downtown this weekend.  We are going to Trader Joes and Whole Foods to stock up on a few things.  Jamie said that we must get “several bags of honey wheat pretzels”.  I think we can manage that!

9.  I have to get my wedding rings inspected every six month to keep the lifetime warranty on them.  It’s not really a chore and it keeps my rings nice and sparkly all the time.  And if there is ever a loose stone or a problem, they just fix it right up.  Well, about 7 weeks ago, I took our rings in for inspection.  The nice man said, “How attached are you to your rings?”  I just stared at him like he had 4 heads because what kind of question was that?  I mean they are mine and I’ve been wearing at least my engagement ring for more than 15 years so, yeah, I’m kind of attached to them.  I asked why?  He showed me that my engagement ring was cracked.  Not sure how it happened or when it happened but sure enough it was there.  “No problem”, he said, “we will take care of it and get it replaced”.  Since my rings are soldered together, he had to take both my wedding and engagement rings. I was left with a very naked finger and a very sad heart.  This morning, the jewelry store called to inform me that my rings have made it back and are ready for me to pick up.  I drove like a crazy lady to the store and slipped those rings on my finger the second I could. (that last sentence may be the understatement of the year).  My finger is very happy now and I can’t stop looking at my sparkly rings that are now resting in their home.  I am finally complete again.

10.  I’ll end on a happy random note…One day this month (it’s been a while since I took this picture) my lunch was happy…

IMG_0003and I was too after I ate it all.

Happy Tuesday!

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2 thoughts on “Ten On Tuesday

  1. Megan's Mom on said:

    Great fall pics…. You seriously have a Trader Joes…. Hope to get out there one day..,. Right now I am loving getting into a new house!!!! I’m soooo excited… Can’t wait to get done by Thanksgiving !!! My goal!
    Really miss you guys … Glad to hear your dad is making it out for T-day!

  2. PopPop on said:

    Sounds like a great week – glad to hear you were able to get your rings fixed! I well remember raking all the leaves into a nice pile, only to have to redo it all after the jumping was done. Such fun!

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