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Ten On Tuesday

1.  Jacob and I went on our annual birthday date on Saturday.  He wanted to go for wings and see the “Mr. Peabody movie”.  So we did.  We tried boneless parmesan garlic chicken wings (which are yummy, btw) and the movie was spectacular.  We loved it all.  On the way to the movie, Jacob said that he was happy he decided to come on the date because he was having so much fun.  I had no idea he was considering not going but I’m glad he decided to go as well.  🙂

2.  He bought me flowers for our date.

IMG_00033.  So today is our last day with a six-year-old in the house.  Our last one.  No more six-year-olds ever.  I’m pretty devastated by that last statement.

4.  Jacob was not going to turn seven without a big deal.  Tonight he swallowed a quarter.  A QUARTER, people!  I have no idea how he did it.  One second I was telling him to put the quarter in his piggy bank and not in his mouth because it was dirty.  Next, he’s coming down the stairs with tears in his eyes because he not only had it in his mouth but swallowed it.  Since he was breathing fine, the doctor told us to take him for a x-ray tomorrow to make sure it is in his stomach.  He ate supper and played outside like nothing happened.

5.  Here’s hoping that seven-year-old boys listen a little better than six-year-old boys!

6.  I went along with the fourth graders to the Natural History Museum of Utah on Thursday.  It was quite fun.  I had 5 boys and 3 girls in my group.  Thankfully the girls helped me keep the boys inline since they probably shouldn’t have been grouped together.

7.  Jeremiah went snowboarding for the first (and probably only) time on Friday.  It was a military day at Powder Mountain.  He had bruised knees, elbows, bum, and was so sore that he could barely move all weekend.  Today he said was the first he felt like he had a good workout.  Oh, I almost forgot about the cracked helmet.  He fell so hard one time that he cracked his rented helmet.  The helmet came front and broke his sunglasses (leaving a mark on his cheek).  One of the guys with him said he was at least 100 yards ahead of him and he heard Jeremiah crack his head.  So thank God he had a helmet.

8.  Mazie is so excited about her CTE class (home ec for those old enough to know what that is plus a bit of business added throughout the year).  She will be sewing pajama pants.  Today she started learning about the machines she will be using in class.

9.  I made 70 mini cupcakes today.  I had no idea I was going to get that many out of my batches.  I only needed 25 for school tomorrow and a star-shaped cake with some cuppies for tomorrow night.  Needless to say, some are going to work tomorrow.

10.  The birthday banner is hung, the boy’s crown is out, his star is ready to go…I can’t believe he is going to be seven tomorrow.  I’m not going to get much sleep tonight worrying about his little quarter stunt and the fact that he’s just too big too fast.  *sigh*

Happy Tuesday!


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