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1.  I took Mazie to register for EIGHTH GRADE last week.  I’m still in denial.

2.  She was so excited until she saw that she was supposed to have Spanish II.  She never had Spanish I so we had to have her electives changed.  Now she doesn’t have Spanish at all but Art, Teacher’s Aide for study skills, and beginning guitar and none of her honors core classes changed.  She’s happy again.

3.  Last night was back to school night for the elementary.  Jacob and Jamie were very pleased with their new teachers.  Now they are super excited about starting tomorrow.

4.  Back to school tomorrow!  For a 2nd grader, a 5th grader, and an 8th grader…that makes us sound old!

5.  The kids and Jeremiah and I are running in the Color Run in Salt Lake City on Saturday.  It should be super fun!

6.  Jacob developed swimmers ear from being at the local water park last weekend.  It’s our first ear infection, surprisingly.  I hope it’s our last.

7.  Thunderstorms at bedtime could become nonexistent in my opinion.  For example, being beautiful all day long like today and then storming just as we are going to bed tonight is not funny.  I’m hoping that by the time I go to bed tonight it is all over.  To say that I’m not a fan of thunderstorms is an understatement.

8.  The part of going back to school that I like most is being able to go to the gym.  I didn’t do too badly this summer.  I ran regularly in the mornings with Jeremiah before work and did things here at home but it’s different going to the gym.  I need to get back into my routine with weights.  Anyone out there with me on that one?

9.  We are hoping someone rents out our Colorado Springs house soon.  We’ve had lots of traffic but no takers for that last 2 weeks.  If you know of anyone interested in a 4 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath, 2 story with a basement house for rent, send them our way, please.

10.  Ok, so I lied.  There are only 9 things.  My brain doesn’t have room for a tenth thing this week since I couldn’t even get it on the right day.  So happy whatever day this posts! 😉


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