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Jorden’s Freedom Wagon

I have a cousin named Jorden.  He’s a pretty cool little man.  He has Larsen’s syndrome which is a very rare genetic disease that affects his joints and connective tissue.  The van the family uses to get him to his activities recently caught on fire which means Jorden has no way to make it to his band practices.  Here is the article the local news posted on his situation…

Altoona Boy Needs a New Van to Get Around

So I asked his big sister, Brittany, if it would be ok to post the link for donations for a cool ride for Jorden on my blog to help.  I’m asking for you to donate anything you can for this family.   Every little bit helps and it would be such a shame if Jorden couldn’t continue to do his normal things.

Here is the link for their donation page.  I thank you in advance!

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