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Board Break-A-Thon

Every year the U.S. Taekwondo Center raises money by breaking boards for local charities.  This year our goal is to raise $50,000 for the Memorial Hospital for Children.  The Board Break-A-Thon is on September 15.  If you are in the area and want to watch us break some boards, come to the City Auditorium (doors open at 9:30).  It’s a free event!  And for a small donation, you can break a board too, if you want to try it out.

So here’s the real deal.  Mazie, Jamie, and I are breaking 5 wooden boards each.  We are also competing between each other to see who can reach $200 first.  So far the girls have $25 each and I’m straggling behind with $10.

The break-a-thon has been so much fun in the past.  There are special demonstrations and some surprise guests.  There is also a silent auction.  I hear that Stahrs Cakes is donating a few goodies, in case you want to bid ;-)!

Ok so here’s how you donate…

1.  You can send a check (made out to Memorial Hospital for Children) and send it to us and we will make sure it gets to the break-a-thon.

2. You could send us cash.

3.  You could go online.  Just make sure you state who you are donating on behalf (like the girls or all of us specifically).  Also, if you can shoot me an email letting me know you have donated on our behalf that would be great.

On the website, the tax id # is listed, in case you need it.

Thanks, in advance, to those of you who donate.  We appreciate it and we will be having fun next Saturday breaking the boards!

Board Break-A-Thon

The Board Break-A-Thon was a hit.  I do not know what the 4 U.S. Taekwondo Center’s raised for the WooSong Foundation but we had fun breaking boards.  Jamie and Mazie went so fast, there was no time to snap pictures.  They just went right to business.  Each of us broke 5 boards, any way we wanted.

But for a small donation of $5, Jacob was able to break a board and we got an iPhone picture of that.  He walked right up to Instructor Trevor and asked if he could break a board.  He also told him that he wanted to kick it this time.  The first time he kicked Instructor Trevor’s fingers.  *ouch*  But then he went right through the board!

Boy, did Jacob’s face light up when he broke that board!  I told him that I needed to get a picture of his broken board and him when we got home.  He was pretty proud of himself so he obliged.

See, toldya! (a true Jacob quote)

Thank you to those who donated for the charity.  The girls are working on special “thank you” cards!

Board Break-A-Thon

It’s time for the U.S. Taekwondo Center’s annual board break-a-thon.  This year the goal for 4 centers is to reach $40,000!  The board break-a-thon gives the students a chance to give back to the community by breaking boards for local charities.

This year’s charity is the WooSong Foundation.  It is a non-profit organization created to provide scholarships to lower-income families to participate in taekwondo programs.  The scholarships are not just for our center (USTC) but for schools across the United States.  Students who receive scholarships will be able to learn respect, confidence, integrity, regular exercise, and self-defense.

If you are interested in supporting the girls and I, you can either send us a check (made out to WooSong Foundation…not to me;-)) or go online to the donation page…www.ustcbreakathon.com.  Make sure you mention who you are supporting if you are donating online so we get the credit!  Also all donations are 100% tax-deductible.

If you are in the local area and want to check out the board break-a-thon, you can join us at Mr. Biggs on September 17 (Saturday) starting at 10am.  The event should go until 12:15.  There will be demonstrations by our demo teams, leadership class, and Masters.  Plus some surprises and special guests are planned.  There is also a silent auction that is always fun…there may be a goodie bag from Stahrs Cakes there to bid on!

The girls and I (and the WooSong Foundation and USTC) thank you for your donations!

Taekwondo Test

Yesterday, Jamie and I tested for our next belts in taekwondo.  I have to say, that Jamie rocked her part of the test!  She was the only red senior belt testing for red senior II.  So when Master Pejo called her up to test, she was pretty nervous but used her self-control to keep it hidden.  I knew she was nervous but she didn’t show it while she was actually testing!

Here she is doing her poomse…Tae Guek Chil Jang…

kyroogi formulas…

one-step sparring…

As you can see, she was the smallest on top of being the only red senior.  A little bit for her to swallow.  But she did so great.  It was time for her to stand in front of everyone to break her boards.  She had a combination board break this time.  She had to do an elbow strike…

and ax kick…

and broke both boards on the first try.  She was so proud.  You could just see it in her face!  I love that look.  Then it was time for her to receive her new belt.  It looks the same but she has white tape at the ends to show she is a red senior II belt.  Dae Sabumnim was there to present the belts…

Then it was my turn.  Poomse, one-step sparring, and kyroogi formulas…

and my board break.  I had to do dero ilbo junjin round house (spinning round house)…

Then onto my new belt.  It looks just like Jamie’s without the stripes at the end…

The best part is now Jamie and I can practice and go to class together!  Oh, and Jamie got a medal for have 15 or more blue character stripes on her belt.  She also had the most of the girls and received the trophy!

It was a great morning!  Our treat is some dark chocolate peppermint bark (for the red and white belts).

Belt Test

Saturday Mazie and I tested for our next belts in taekwondo.  I was so excited to see Mazie testing.  She had to know half of our total curriculum.  That’s a lot of stuff to know!  She did so well.

First her poomses (forms)…She had to do Tae Gooks 1-4 and Kyroogi poomse 3.

Then it was on to kyroogi formulas (1-12) and sparring (1-10) and self-defense (1-6)

She also had to know various steps.  Her board break was running jumping front snap kick!

She received her new bo dan II belt from Master Lee (of the Monument dojang) and was very pleased with herself!

Then it was my turn.  I was in the group to go last for our dojang.  After a little warmup it was time to get testing.  I did my poomse…

Kyroogi formulas and self-defense with my partner…

Even my flying side kick!  Thankfully that didn’t come out clear on the powershot.  It really wasn’t pretty.  Although I do get some height with that kick!  It was time to do my  board break.  I had to do a jumping roundhouse.

Jamie and Jacob listened during the test and were so good.  The only thing was that Jacob was getting tired at the end so Jeremiah couldn’t get a picture of me receiving my new red belt.  It was a good test!

Friday Five

1.  The board break-a-thon was a hit!  At the time of the event, our schools raised over $37,500!  Since then the total is above $43,000.  So thank you to those of you who helped us reach and surpass our goal!

2.  Mazie and Jamie did very well with their breaks…

3.  Jeremiah did take pictures of me but they were really blurry.  Can’t blame him since he was managing the boy during the event.  Not an easy thing to do these days!

4.  Jacob donated $5 to break a board.  He did it so fast that I couldn’t even snap a picture.  But the pride on his face says it all! Don’t you think?

5.  I made 3 dozen Elmo cupcakes today!  Someone ordered them for their daughter’s second birthday party.  I will post pictures on the new business blog…stahrscakes.com!  Check it out by clicking on the blog button on the sidebar!

Happy Friday!

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