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Photo A Day: End of the Month

So here we go with the last eleven days of January.  Are you as shocked that February starts tomorrow as I am?  I’m not sure where the whole month went.

Day 21: Martin Luther King Jr Day.  Jamie wrote a little note and left it on my bed.  She’s such a sweetie.day 21

Day 22:  A whole lotta gum in the house.  Mazie has requested a few different types of gum since she will be able to enjoy a piece here and there soon!day 22

Day 23:  Early morning choir practice…looks at those puffy eyes…day 23Day 24:  All those early morning choir practices paid off since the whole choir was selected to play at the CMEA (music teacher conference) at the Broadmoor.  Odyssey was one of 6 (out of 100) elementary schools selected!  They sounded great too.  We couldn’t take any pictures inside though since it was a conference.day 24

Day 25:  Jamie and Jacob had a little time before school to play on the computer.  They were baking something where they got points for putting the ingredients in the bowl and then putting it in the oven.  I think there was a part to decorate it too.  It is a game to learn the computer functions better.  I just liked that they were playing together and not fighting:-)!day 25

Day 26: iPad game: Stack the States.  It’s great if you want to learn about all the states and where they go in our country.  Jacob is actually really good at knowing where they are on the map after playing a few hundred times.day 26

Day 27:  Mazie’s backpack, which conveniently rolls since she refuses to keep any of her books in her locker and weighs more than she does, and flute bag ready for school tomorrow.  She keeps it by the front door.day 27

Day 28: After school craziness…Jamie and Jacob unloading all their goodies from school and then packing their snacks and lunches for the next day.  day 28

Day 29:  After supper playing…with Mazie’s Barbies.  At least Jacob was playing with Ken tonight…day 29

Day 30:  I thought it was kind of cool to see the icicles hanging off the tree and dripping this morning.day 30

Day 31:  No more braces AND she lost another tooth.  Not too bad gaining a dollar after getting her expander and braces off.  On the way back to school, she chewed a piece of spearmint gum and was whistling.  Two things she apparently missed.  She couldn’t believe how big her mouth felt after everything was out.  day 31

So there was our month in pictures.  Nothing fancy but fun, nonetheless.  Looking forward to Feel Good February!

Photo of the day: 11-20

Ten more photo of the days…

Day 11: I saw this on pinterest and decided to surprise Mazie with it for her lunch since I wasn’t going to be able to join her at school.  I wrapped her lunch in tissue paper and red ribbon.  She had no clue until she got to lunch and opened her lunch bag.  She seemed to like the surprise.

day 11Day 12: Mazie’s eleventh birthday.  She enjoyed her day (you can see that post here).

day 12Day 13:  Jamie didn’t want to share the chair so Jacob decided to lean on her instead…

day 13Day 14:  It was so cold Monday morning (in the negatives) so I let Jacob dress next to the fire.  He was taking his sweet time getting his clothes on…

day 14Day 15:  This is where Maxine likes to rest while I am doing things on the main floor.  She needs to know where we are at all times.  Can’t say it’s a bad spot to snuggle…day 15Day 16: Fondant pieces for a cake.

day 16Day 17: Laundry day.  Every Thursday…six loads of laundry (one was already in the washer).  Sunday is the other laundry day which is usually only 5 loads…

day 17

Day 18: Our very first shot in the arm.  Before today, we’ve always had them in the legs.  Today she was due for DTaP and she received it in her arm like a champ.  “I didn’t feel a thing, Mom.” was my text from her on her way home (Dad was the privileged one to take her).  Far from the little girl who had to be held down by both parents to receive her vaccines…

day 18Day 19:  The cakes with the fondant pieces from a few days ago.  The cakes were for twin boys!

day 19Day 20:  Typical Sunday afternoon, waiting for football to start, playing any electronic that isn’t being charged…

day 20

So that means I have 11 days left.  I think I can actually get that accomplished!


I’ve never done a photo-of-the-day and I thought I would give it a go for at least the month of January.  I was fully intending on blogging for each day to get myself back into it but as you can see that hasn’t happened.  So I will split it up as best as I can over the month and we’ll see how it goes!

Day 1: New Years Day traditional dinner…pork and sauerkraut (and a pork roast without sauerkraut for the picky eaters in the fam), mashed potatoes, corn, cranberries, and bread.

day 1

Day 2:  My Little Man helping with supper.  He was stirring the homemade alfredo sauce.

day 2

Day 3: All their new gifts for Christmas and I catch them playing with my kindle fire (a gift from last year).  Go figure!

day 3

Day 4:  He’s so bright in the morning, when he wakes on his own.  He has his great grandfather’s eyes…his dad’s head…and his mama’s chin…

day 4

Day 5:  Playing with their new iPads on my bed while I was getting ready for our day.

day 5

Day 6:  Finally playing Uno Roboto.  The kids were dying to play it since Christmas and we finally had time.  We played 3 rounds and had a blast!

day 6

Day 7: Window markers.  They got a pack of regular window markers and a pack of crystallizing window markers.  It’s a really cool effect.  The kids love them and I do too since you don’t notice how badly my windows need to be cleaned while their artwork is displayed!

day 7

Day 8:  Jeremiah’s birthday…and his cake of red velvet with peanut butter icing.

day 8

Day 9: Jamie showing one of her new outfits from Christmas.  She loves how soft the dress is!

day 9

Day 10:  After school homework and snack…

day 10

First ten days of January.  Hopefully I’ll be back with another set soon.

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