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Wednesdays with Jamie

Jamie had an assignment of making a newspaper-like poster for her class.  Each week a different student is selected to be the Star Student of the Week.  Their poster is displayed for the class to see all week long.  There are fun facts about the students on these papers.  It’s a fun project.

So while Jamie was working on her poster, I snapped a few of her deep in concentration.She happened to be working on the “Meet My Hero” part of the paper.  Her hero happens to be her dad.  She drew a picture of him and explained why he was her hero.  It took some serious concentration.  Check out the tongue hanging out…Do you happen to see the new glasses?  Yep, new school accessory.  She loves them.  She only has to wear them to see the board and to read but that’s how mine started out in third grade.  I guess one of the kids was bound to have bad eyes like their mama.  But, again, she loves them and takes such good care of them.

It took her about 30 minutes to pick out a pair of frames.  I’m pretty sure the technician was secretly wishing we would have come on her day off but she was patient, nonetheless.  I think they look good on her…tongue hanging out and all…

Wednesdays with Jamie

Jamie, as many of you know, is our quiet one.  She loves to be by herself, reading or doodling.  She got this huge white board for Christmas and just loves it.

And since there are so many colorful dry erase markers out there, her imagination can run wild.  She was drawing a self-portrait this day.  But since she didn’t have purple, she only drew her head! 

She had a sticky note from her teacher this week.  It stated that she has been doing such a great job with adding double digits.  Her teacher writes these little notes of praise for the kids when she sees them do something great.  She told Jamie that her and one other girl are ready for triple digit adding!  She thought that was pretty cool.  She likes praise like that.  No one else has to know about it or make a big deal about it.  It means a lot to her that someone is noticing her cool things but she doesn’t need all the frills like her big sister. 

We love Jamie just the way she is!

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