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Ten On Tuesday

1.  We have our last first ever Parent/Teacher conference.  Are you following me?  We are scheduled to meet with Jacob’s teachers for the first time this afternoon.  He’s the last one so it’s our last first conference.  I knew you would get it. 😉

2.  I am loving WordPress.  It’s actually easier than I was expecting it to be.  With the business blog, they imported all my old stuff!  What have you been thinking of the new blogs?

3.  I think October is busier than September was and we are only on the 5th.  Anyone else feel like that?

4.  Fall break starts on Friday.  Two weeks + all three kiddos at home = a ready for Fall break to be over Mama!

5.  No, really, I’m looking forward to some time with the kids.  Since it’s cooler lately, we can go to parks that we haven’t been to for a while, stay in our jammies if we want to, make a fort, lots of things to do!

6.  Have I mentioned that Fall is my favorite season?  It is and I’ll tell you why.  I love to run on the crispy mornings and the leaves change colors.  It makes it even more beautiful here.

7.  Well, normally.  For some reason, the leaves on our tree aren’t really changing colors.  They are just falling off.  I’ve noticed that on some others around our neighborhood too. 

8.  The kids are working on Christmas lists.

9.  Did anyone see the big sale going on over at the business blog?  It’s big and lots of those goodies can be shipped.  I’m just sayin’.

10.  Tonight we are having Cooking Light’s Broccoli Cheese Soup.  What are you having?

Happy Tuesday!

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4 thoughts on “Ten On Tuesday

  1. We had Steak, Gruyere & Avocado Paninis. YUM! Nice 10.

  2. We ate Olive Garden last night- I ate my favorite Zuppa Toscana (If you havn’t had it, do try soon!!) and then Cappellini Pomodoro iwth a glass of Riesling. It was lovely, but the cooler air here is certainly calling for some soup, I’ll have to give yours a try 🙂

    I’m a fan of wordpress, too, but I do miss the user friendly sidebars of typepad I used to have. But since I’m only blogging like once a week now, I guess it doesn’t matter these days. I agree, both of your new blogs look great!

    Okay last thing- I got so tired last night, I didn’t visit till this morning, so you deserve an extra long comment, right? Okay, my friend in Ohio told me that the leaves didn’t change colors all that much the first fall we were there because they had had a pretty dry spring. Something to do with the rain earlier in the year and the leaves drying out later? I don’t know, might be something to it.

  3. Megan's mom on said:

    Really like the blog….can’t wait to see it at then end of my long days at work….my work computer doesn’t let me see the pictures..:-(
    Pretty sure Susie is right on the leaves drying later…learned it having lived on the farm where I was raised.
    BTW….nice 10, Megan!

  4. your new blog is awesome! sorry about your leaves! maybe you’ll get a chance to explore the area with the kiddos out, and find some colorful ones:) alla is off just friday and i am so glad for some reason, only we are going to my mom’s and i kind of wish we were staying in our jammies;)

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