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Mazie Monday

Mazie has her mama’s ears.  I saw that the minute the doctors handed her to me in the hospital.  So wearing pony tails won’t be a big deal if she doesn’t mind the wind flapping the tops a little!  I am very sorry she inherited that feature from me…

But she does have a great smile.  It takes a little to get that “real” smile out of her when I am trying to take a picture.  But when it does come out, it’s just perfect!

She is super smart.  I know many of you know this already but she is constantly thinking of something to solve.  Her brain never rests!

I suppose that’s a good thing.  She is a sharp one!

She loves being a part of her robotics team at school.  The kids do everything from building to programming.  Last week she programmed her robot to put a bone back together.

Should I be worried?  Yeah, I thought so…

I love you, Mazie Moo.  Even if you can figure out what my computer is supposed to be doing and I can’t!

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2 thoughts on “Mazie Monday

  1. Gramma Boyer on said:

    Heart be still….I can’t believe how grown up you look!….I also can’t believe your mother got away calling you Mazie Moo!!!!
    I think your ears are just beautiful…just like you!
    Love all of the pictures….Pretty in pink…always have been!
    Love you Mazie…and how does one put a bone back together?

  2. PopPop on said:

    Very photogenic! Love your smiles. I am not surprised to hear that your mind is constantly working – someday you will do great things! Love you, girl!

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