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Wednesday with Jamie

Jamie has been working on a project in school.  She is supposed to research England and do a presentation next week about what she found.  So today she practiced her presentation.  She is going to talk about the reason for the afternoon tea.

She set the table…

complete with napkins…

Poured the tea…

And taught Minnie Mouse how to hold the cup.  She said the little finger being out was to help prevent spilling the tea!

She also told me that the reason for even having the tea in the afternoon was because the Queen couldn’t wait for a small bite to eat between lunch and her late supper.  Her presentation is next Friday.  I think she is going to be awesome!

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3 thoughts on “Wednesday with Jamie

  1. Gramma Boyer on said:

    Awesome Jamie…can’t wait to hear how it went….I am sure you will do a wonderful Job!

  2. So proper. Yet so cute!

  3. ha ha! cracked me up because, of course, it’s not like that at all here! I am sure she will do fantastically in her presentation though, clever girl! Happy thanksgiving

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