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Mazie Monday

Mazie’s robotics team had their competition this past weekend at UCCS.  It was so amazing.  There were a total of 40 teams registered.  38 competed.  Check out what the Odyssey STEM cells had for their getups…

They made hats with bubble wrap and legos.  They were pretty neat.

This is the team presenting their research to the judges…

They also had a technical interview where they showed the different things their robot could do.  I wasn’t allowed to be in that part so there are no pictures for that.  Then there was practicing.  They had three separate practice competitions in the morning…

There were three official competitions after lunch.

It really was nail biting, let me tell you!

After the individual team competitions, the judges put the teams into groups.  Three teams joined together and competed as one team.  The team our team was apart of was called Alliance 6. 

There were 13 alliance teams with three levels of competition.

There was also a little time to let off some steam.  The announcer for the day decided to lead the kids (and some coaches) in a little YMCA dancing.

Then it was onto the awards.  Mazie’s team was ranked 13th (out of 38) for the individual team competition.  Their Alliance team ranked 3rd of the 13 competing!  They didn’t advance to the next level of competition but they did a great job.  They were one of the youngest teams.  Most of the teams were mostly middle school aged kids!  So each of the teams received medals for just participating.  Here is Mazie running by the judges, giving high fives, to get her medal…

Mazie was completely exhausted by the end of the day but so happy that she was apart of it.  It was an amazing day!

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3 thoughts on “Mazie Monday

  1. Gramma Boyer on said:

    AMAZING MAZIE…..Congratulatios on your win and competition!!!!……bet you are glad it was so successful!
    Proud as a peacok for you,Mazie!

  2. Good Job Mazie!

  3. Great job, Mazie! It looks like it was a tough competition that required a great amount of teamwork. Well done!

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