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Valentine’s Parties

We’ve been busy around here with all kinds of Valentine festivities.  First, Jacob’s party at preschool was held on Thursday.  I was so glad Jeremiah could join us.  So was Jacob and other kiddos.  When we got there, it was time for library time.  Jeremiah was tasked to read and two or three other kids thought this was fantastic to hear him read!

Then it was music time.  The kids were able to grab any kind of instrument out of their bucket and dance around the circle.  It was fun to watch!

During the party, the parents were invited to go to outer space with the kids.  We sat on the carpet and rode our spaceship all the way through space.  The kids got out and walked on the moon (some actually acted like they had heavy boots on!) and we flew along the solar system.  It was so fun to see the kids react to what we were doing.  Jacob was asked to be the sun and stand in the middle.  The rest of us held hands and rotated around him.  He smiled the entire time!

Then it was time to hand out the Valentines.  The teachers asked the kids what they liked about their friends.  The teachers wrote what the kids said on the heart and then they presented it to the kids.  Jacob loved his…

On Friday, Jamie’s class had their party.  Again, Jeremiah was able to join us.  The kids handed out their Valentines to each other quite orderly for first grade!  Then the kids were able to decorate sugar cookie hearts.  Jamie didn’t like hers so she let Jacob have it!

The kids were allowed to go through their Valentine’s while putting them into their bags to go home.  They were also allowed to enjoy three treats while do this…

Jacob fit right in with the first graders…or at least he thought so…

Today was Mazie’s turn.  I only got one photo of her party.  The kids went right to work distributing their treats to each other and then ate their goodies.  There wasn’t much else to do since it was at the end of the day.  Jeremiah surprised Mazie by showing up toward the end of the party!  For the party, the kids were asked to make Valentine boxes.  This was what Mazie made…her Love Boat!

We love Family Fun!  I hope you had a lovely day with your loves.  Happy Valentine’s Day!

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3 thoughts on “Valentine’s Parties

  1. What a gorgeous Love Boat! It looks like Jamie and Jacob had a real blast at their parties also. Love to all on this special day.

  2. Gramma Boyer on said:

    Hey,Mazie…how about you write a story about You,Jamie, and Jacob taking me on a cruise on your”Love Boat”….fantastic?….Glad you had fun on Valentine’s Day!

  3. Mazie that is amazing.

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