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Ten On Tuesday

1.  Our dear friends in California had a gorgeous baby girl on March 3.  I can’t wait to meet her and see them again.  Congratulations, Cory and Kristina!

2.  Mazie is almost finished with CSAP testing.  Tomorrow and Thursday are the last days and we will be glad when it’s over.  We’ve been referring to them as StinkSAPs around here to lighten the stress.

3.  Jamie is playing tanzen on her ipod while we are waiting for Mazie to get home from taekwondo.  She emptied the dishwasher too.  Almost entirely by herself!

4.  Jacob is learning about zoo animals at school this week.  This is exciting for him since he thinks he is an expert in this department and his birthday party is going to be at the zoo. 

5.  My classes at Hobby Lobby start on Thursday.  If you are in the area and want to sign up, call me or go to the Hobby Lobby off Tutt and Barnes to sign up.  I’m really getting nervous but very excited.

6.  We had snow last night but it was more of an icy mess this morning than snow.  We haven’t really gotten any good playing snow yet this year.  I would love to have some wet snowball snow but I’m pretty sure that’s not normal for here.  Plus if I wish for it, it will come around March 26 and that wouldn’t be ok.

7.  Jacob’s birthday party will be at the zoo or he will bust!  Did I mention his little red-haired girly is coming?  It was so sweet how he blushed when I handed him her invite and shook his head that he couldn’t do it.  Then I explained that if he didn’t give her the invite, she couldn’t come to the party.  He raced to her and yelled, “HERE”.

8.  Jeremiah is getting excited about starting his AOC job at the end of May.  I’m looking forward to taking the kids away on vacation while he is busy with basic training since we won’t get to see him all summer.

9.  The kids got their reports cards on Friday.  All threes and fours for effort and Ps and As (proficient or advanced) for grades.  One more report card to go.  The end of school this year is May 25.

10.  I am making cupcake pops for Jacob’s class on Thursday.  He’s so excited because he loves them almost as much as he loves brownies.  I’ve made the round cake pops already and they were a hit.  I’m hoping the cupcake shaped one aren’t too much more work!

Happy Tuesday!

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One thought on “Ten On Tuesday

  1. j.j. on said:

    The zoo sounds like a super cool spot for a party! Come visit us on your vacation – we have two cool zoos!

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