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Introducing the Marumar

Mazie had a music project a few weeks ago where she was instructed to create a new instrument from things we had here at home.  The more original, the more tones, the more creative the instrument, the higher the grade.

Well, for Mazie, it was about creating something like nothing she has ever seen which meant we never did either!

It is a guitar with rubber bands that make different tones.   It is a drum for a beat.  It has maracas, one filled with ditalini and the other filled with black-eyed peas (two different sounds belive it or not).  So the name came from all of those put together, naturally.  Mar (maracas) Um (drum) Ar (guitar).

She also had to do a presentation to the class about her instrument and play something if she could.  Her song choice?  Mary Had A Little Lamb.

She got a A for her creativity!  Aside from helping her actually attach everything together, it was her complete design.  If she didn’t need to be the boss all.the.time, maybe she could have a future in engineering.

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3 thoughts on “Introducing the Marumar

  1. j.j. on said:

    That is something else, Mazie!

  2. Gramma B on said:

    That is awesome, Mazie…wish I could hear what it sounds like!….Engineer on the way:-D
    Lots of love<3

  3. Gramma B on said:

    Oh….BTW Mazie…. I love your hair!!!

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