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Spring Break

We spent the rest of our Spring break getting outside as much as we could.  I just wanted to relax and have some fun with the kids.  So one of the afternoons, I took pictures of the kids playing outside.  Mazie was pushing Jacob on the glider swing and acting like he was knocking her over…

The laughter that followed was really great.  I love hearing that sound!  But you have to go back and watch what Jamie is doing in the series of pictures.  She was climbing onto the side of play set.  Then she would hang on the swing and let her body momentum swing her side-to-side.  While it is funny to see, she has been told several times to not do that because of swinging into whoever may be on the other swing or the glider.  She didn’t get into trouble but she was told to not do that again. again!

When they were tired of being outside or it was just too darn windy (more on that another day), they decided to make my room a playground for their stuffed animals.  All of them.  So while Jacob instructed the girls on where each animal should be placed…

and then supervised in the placing of said animals…yes, I’m aware he is holding a bear in a pink dress…the girls were working diligently to please their bossy brother…

Then he decided to entertain me (or the camera, really I’m not sure which!) with a puppet show…

The facial expressions kept me laughing for quite some time!


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One thought on “Spring Break

  1. I despise wind. Seriously, it always seems like when the weather is nice and warm it is also windy. Hate it.

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