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Ten On Tuesday

1.  Jamie had her second meet last night.  It was sprint night.  She had to run a 50 meter and a 200 meter.  First, she got a pep talk from the coach… Then she ran as fast as she could for the 50 m (her official time was not given). Then she lined up with the other first grade girls for the 200 m…(her official time 1 minute 3 seconds).

We’ve come to the conclusion that sprinting isn’t really Jamie’s thing.  She can just concentrate on long runs with mom!  But she was happy that she competed and got her ribbon.  I was just excited to see her do it.

2.  My cake decorating class was cancelled for Mondays since I only had one student sign up.  The good thing is that I was able to watch Jamie run her little bum off.  The bad thing is that I really like teaching.  Maybe next month!

3.  Jamie had the best fan club cheering her on.  It was so cold but they were bundled and cheering loudly!

4.  We had a parent/teacher conference with Jamie’s first grade teacher about her transitioning into second grade.  The teacher is planning on moving the group of 5 “smarty” kids all together since they work so well together and push each other in a good way.  They are also going to go with Jamie’s old Kindergarten teacher since she has moved to the second grade!  Jamie is relieved and happy with all this.

5.  Last night after the conference, I realized that Mazie only has next year left of elementary school.  My heart sank a little when I heard myself say that she would be in middle school. 

6.  We just found out today that the preschool program has not been cancelled.  We were a little worried that the school board was going to get rid of it since they had no money.  I have to wait until Friday to find out if Jacob gets the same days he already has.  I will be a little happy to not worry about these things for the next year when he starts kindergarten.  Again, my heart sank just re-reading that.

7.  Jumpy, our resident squirrel, is eating a peanut in my tree as I type.  The kids think he’s pretty cool.

8.  Jacob brought home a Mother’s Day gift for me today.  The kids painted a crock, the teachers wrote what the kids answered to “I love you because…” and the kids planted marigold seeds which already sprouted!  I’m not gonna lie…I cried a little to read what Jacob told the teacher to write.  He said, “I love you because…you hug and kiss me! When I am 5 years old you and I are going out for a date!  Happy Mother’s Day.  (and then he signed his name)”.

9.  Jamie got a “Make Your Own Mask” kit for her birthday.  Mazie had gotten the same kit for Christmas.  So Jamie and Mazie made one this weekend.  It was pretty cool to see them working together on similar things.

10.  Jamie has a project for school due next week.  She has to make a Math game.  It’s supposed to have adding, subtracting, counting, etc. all in a game.  We have a poster board for her game board and colorful paper for her pieces.  She even has a rough draft sketch of what she wants it to look like.  She’s excited to put it all together.

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2 thoughts on “Ten On Tuesday

  1. Sara on said:

    Tell Jamie that being a distance runner is super cool! I was never very good as sprinting either.

  2. PopPop on said:

    Congratulations, Jamie, for running as well as you did! I bet you are excited to have your kindergatern teacher for second grade! Awesome response, Jacob! And no, Mazie, you are NOT going to middle school (yet!).

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