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Ten on Tuesday

1.  I had a lovely Mother’s Day.  I was summoned by three kids saying all together, “Would the Lady of the House like to join us for breakfast. Happy Mother’s Day”.  Well, Jacob was kind of just making noise but it was still cute.

2.  Jacob and Dad had to make a trip to Costco in the morning.  Jacob walked in like he owned the place and asked the lady who was stocking the flowers if she had any yellow roses (my favorite).  She said that she did and gave him a bunch.  He hiked them over his shoulder and walked to the cashiers.  It was pretty funny to hear Jeremiah tell the story!

3.  I had the most handmade cards I’ve ever gotten!  I’m serious when I say I have 15 cards to put in my keepsake box.  I love handmade cards!

4.  Jacob didn’t get into the preschool program at school.  The lottery is completely random apparently.  I have heard that there was only one position available to paying parents.  Nice.  So we’re searching for a new preschool for the Fall.

5.  The kids helped Jeremiah put the picnic table together this weekend.  It feels like it’s officially time for warmer weather now.  Unfortunately after a few days of warm, sunny weather, it supposed to be super cold tomorrow.

6.  Jamie ran in her last meet yesterday and had a party tonight to celebrate.  I will do a separate post on that.  It deserves its own.

7.  We are adopting a dog.  We went to a pet fair last weekend and found a perfect match for our family.  She is a lab mix and we can’t wait to get her home!  She is nothing like Cletus.

8.  Remember Cletus?

9.  Mazie is supposed to walk to a SkySox game tomorrow for a field trip with the fourth and fifth grades.  I’m not sure if they will be going if we get the weather we’re supposed to.

10.  Jeremiah and I are going to a Murder Mystery this weekend.  We were invited by some friends.  We are playing parts.  I am a chef.  It should be lots of fun!

Happy Tuesday!

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3 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday

  1. Megan's Mom on said:

    Beautiful picture for Mother’s Day….had to chuckle about the boy and the yellow roses…what a great day you must have had!
    Mazie and Jamie…what beauties you have!
    And great for the dog!….mixed breeds are usually great dogs! Can’t wait to hear what you name her! ….and yes I do remember Cletus….he sure could jump high and yelp…a lot!
    Can’t wait for the warmer weather here in the east…..warm days and cool nights would be awesome!

  2. carissa on said:

    oh i remember cletus all too well. i have never known a dog to go into someone suitcase and pull out a pair of underwear to tear up into pieces. good luck with the new dog…sounds fun!

  3. j.j. on said:

    Love the Mother’s Day pic! Congrats on the dog!!

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