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Friday Five

Sorry for the lack of blogging around here.  My hard drive decided to stop working and I had to wait for the computer wizards to retrieve my stuff and send it back to me.  So here we are…back to blogging.

1.  School started for the girls August 2.  Here are your back to school pictures…First my FIFTH grader…

and my SECOND grader…

They are having a great time in school.  So far it’s been a fabulous year!

2.  Jamie and Mazie both joined the school choir.  Jamie is in Ursa Minor and Mazie is in Ursa Major.  I love that play on words with the music program and our scienc-y school.  Jamie is in Landsharks for the cross-country season and will be running a full mile for her meets in September!  Mazie has signed up for Robotics as well.  I can’t wait to see the team’s robot this year.  All this means…busy, busy, busy for a full semester!

3.  Jacob will be starting school September 7 and he can not wait!  He hears how excited the girls are when they get home from school and wants that.  He did start his weekly class at The Little Gym today and was super excited about that!

4.  Can you read this sign?

‘Cause apparently some people can’t, or don’t understand it, or don’t want to.  I had a roofer come to the door just a few weeks ago asking if I wanted a free estimate.  I guess maybe since he was offering me something free, he didn’t have to abide by the sign.  And just a few nights ago, Jeremiah had a person try to sell him windows.  Really?

5.  Check out the business blog if you haven’t for a while.  It will too be updated over the next few weeks!

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3 thoughts on “Friday Five

  1. PopPop on said:

    Glad you post is back – I missed it! Also glad the girls are having a fabulous time at school – not too surprised with that, though. Both of them were so excited to go back to school and are always anxious to get involved in new things. Hope they continue to have a wonderful year. Can’t wait to see Jacob leave for his first day!

  2. we missed you! love your back to school outfits, girls!

  3. Megan's Mom on said:

    Really missed your blog and glad things are back in order… Love the names of the girls choir groups… I don’t think Jacob is really at a loss not going to classes yet…. 4 yr old boys need their mommy time.
    Good luck Jamie with running and Mazie with Robotics… Can’t wait to see your progress…. Love watching have great fun!!

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