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Last First Day

So I’m two weeks behind with this.  It’s Jacob’s first day of school.  And while it happened two weeks ago, posting pictures on here made it more real than I was ready for.  You see, this happens to be our LAST first day of preschool.  And it’s a little hard for me to swallow that truth.  But, nonetheless, it happened and it needs it due attention.  So without further procrastination…I present Jacob’s first day of preschool 2011.He was so excited.  He couldn’t wait to get started.  He had to wait a whole month after the girls started and was quite jealous!Since we were a bit early, we sat on the bench until the teachers were ready for us.  He was telling Dad that he was excited and since he wouldn’t look at the camera with me I gave him kisses…

That’s what you get when you don’t cooperate with mom. 😉  Each child was given a color and shape.  Jacob’s was a blue square.  He is supposed to find the blue square no matter what room he goes to.  That’s his special spot.  He found his hook with his blue square and hung up his bag and jacket…and went right into the room.  He was so excited to see play dough ready for them to use…and with one last smile…Dad and I were told to leave so he could get on with his learning.  So there you have it…our Last First Day of preschool.  *sigh*

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3 thoughts on “Last First Day

  1. Megan's Mom on said:

    Let’s see… My “correct” response choices are jacked up, freaky, or sweet.
    It is just sweet that Jacob is all jacked up for such a freaky day in school!
    I really hope his first day was as incredible as he is…. Love you, Jacob!

  2. WOW! The last first day of preschool. That’s crazy. Once you get past the nostalgia you might be able to smile about it…LATER!

  3. Looks like our big man is having a big time at school! Have loads of fun and make sure you tell me all about it! Love ya, man!

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