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It’s October

What happened to the end of September?  I mean, it seems like it just flew by.  Well, today I’m catching up on the last few things of September that I wanted to post but just didn’t have time to do!

First up, Thomas.  We took the kids to Golden, CO a few weeks ago to enjoy A Day Out With Thomas.  It’s so fun to see all the model trains and, of course, Thomas.  Here’s a little collage of our trip…Next, Jamie finished Landsharks this week.  Her last cross-country race was successful.  She finished 57 seconds faster than her previous race!  That’s a 13:52 for 1 1/4 miles!  She was so proud to get her medal…Then we had a celebratory party.  The kids played some games, parents joined in, we had snacks (I made cupcakes), and the runners received certificates…Jeremiah and I decided to get a treadmill.  After putting it together, Jacob wanted to test it out.  Jeremiah stood (and held on to him) behind him while trying out “level 6” on the speed.  I think his face says it all…I took a belt test in taekwondo this morning.  I am now the new owner of a fancy new bo dan one belt.  It is the same as Jamie.  It was a good test!

I will leave you with these images of Fall at our house.  These were taken yesterday and we still have more than half the tree full of leaves!

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One thought on “It’s October

  1. PopPop on said:

    Congratulatulations, Megan and Jamie! Looks like everyone had a great time with Thomas – great pix! Just be glad you have fall leaves to play in – ours are all rotted from all the rain .

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