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Sometimes you take a picture and it triggers your memory of another photo that you or someone else may have taken in the past.  That’s what happened when I took this photo of Mazie yesterday with my iPhone using the instagram app.I just wanted a photo of myself with my big ten year-old girl.  Instead, what I got was a wonderful comparison of one of my favorite photos.  I took this photo of Mazie with a film camera (I know, do you even remember those?) when she a little  one year-old just before we moved from Ohio.I loved this photo the minute I looked at it after getting it back from Wal-Mart’s photo center!  The fact that I had no idea Mazie had her little tongue sticking out, the cutie-patootie little face, her expression, just to name a few.  It’s been my favorite photo of the two of us for 9 years.

The only thing that would have made the newer photo any better is if Mazie would have stuck her tongue out.  But I have to say that this new one is my new favorite of the two of us.  I love it because she was willing to take a picture with me, her beautiful face, her big smile (even though she has braces and isn’t too fond of showing them off), just to name a few.

As I struggle with her being 10 years old, I do look forward to all the birthdays and memories we have yet to share.  Happy Birthday, Mazie Moo.  Thank you for taking pictures with me.

More on her party will come soon!

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4 thoughts on “Then and Now

  1. carissa on said:

    very nice dedication to your lovely daughter! she’s getting so big.

  2. Megan's Mom on said:

    Totally Love this post! Mazie, you are as beautiful as your mother! Hope your birthday was all you hoped it would be! Love to you always!

  3. J.J. Killins on said:

    We love you both!

  4. PopPop on said:

    You were beautiful at age one and you are still beautiful at age 10! Love both pics. I sincerely hope your birthday was everything you hoped it would be! Love to all!

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