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Landsharks started just after Spring Break and all three kids wanted to sign up.  Their first meet was April 22.  Jacob ran the 400 meter at 2 minutes 53 seconds.  Jamie ran 800 meters at 4 minutes 31 seconds.  Mazie ran the mile at 9 minutes and 8 seconds.  They were presented with ribbons after their races.  In fact, because Jacob wasn’t first he thought he wasn’t supposed to take one.  We went back over to his coach and she explained the every finisher gets a ribbon and that he didn’t have to be first.  He was pretty pleased with that…And since it was such a nice afternoon, they decided to relax outside…Meet number 2 was on April 29 and was their sprint night.  They ran two sprints each.  Jacob ran the 50 meter and the 200 meter.  While running the 50 meter, he put his hands out behind him as he was running.  He told me later that it was helping him go faster like he was Super Man.  It was pretty funny.  He did the 200 meter in 1 minute 13 seconds.  Jamie also ran the 50 meter and 200 meter.  She did the 200 in 53 seconds!  Mazie did the 100 meter and the 400 meter.  She ran the 400 in 1 minute 55 seconds.  I was impressed with all of them!  They were given ribbons again after their last sprint…Their final meet was on May 6.  This meet was a repeat of the first meet.  So Jacob ran 400 meters and he did so in 2 minutes 45 seconds.  Jamie did 800 meters in 4 minutes 41 seconds.  Mazie did the mile again and did it in 9 minutes 13 seconds.  Mazie was a little upset that she didn’t beat her first week’s time.  I asked what her goal was for each race and she said that it was to not be last (which was the goal for all three of them for all three meets).  During all three meets, none of them finished last.  At the end of this meet, the kids received medals…

I have to say I was greatly impressed with all the kids.  Jamie had done this last Spring but she challenged herself by running the 800 meter instead of the 400 meter.  Mazie had never showed interest before.  She wanted to try it and instead of trying the 800 meter run, she opted for the full mile.  And, then there’s Jacob.  I’m pretty sure he only wanted to do it because the girls were but when he was practicing and running the meets it was clear that he was truly having a good time.  They all ran each meet.  There was no walking.  They met their goals and didn’t give up.  And they had fun.

Today, after school, the coach had a practice party.  There were treats and games.  The coach gave out certificates and charms…The kids were pretty happy with themselves and their certificates.  And I am one proud mama!

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2 thoughts on “Landsharks

  1. PopPop on said:

    Very impressed and very proud of all of you! Great job – I am glad all of you had fun.

  2. Gramma Boyer on said:

    Congrats, Little Stahrs!!! What a great job you did and it sounds like you had lots of fun doing it! Love you guys lots :D!

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