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Ten On Tuesday

1.  On May 10, my computer decided to not turn on for me.  Turns out my hard drive didn’t want to cooperate with my less-than-one-year-old-computer.  So after getting my computer back with a new hard drive, I am now waiting for my old hard drive to be recovered which may take another few weeks.  Yay me!

2.  Does anyone know of a computer (or hard drive) that actually lasts?

3.  So you’ll have to be patient with me.  I do plan to catch up from all the May things that happened.  It was an incredibly busy month for us here in the Stahr house.

4.  I’m going to start here with a few things.  First, Pop Pop came to visit (for most of the month of May) and we (especially this busy mama) were so happy!5.  Mother’s Day was in there.  If you are friends with Jeremiah on facebook, you may have seen the gorgeous roses the kids got for me.  They were red for Mazie’s birthstone, white for Jamie’s, and blue for Jacob’s.  They were lovely…and I never took a picture.  I also got a gift card for a spa day with the girls.  We are going to do that on Monday!  I also got a lot of handmade things from the kids.  I love handmade things.  Oh and this was after a solo run so no comments on the sweat, please. 😉

6.  Both of the girls were in choir again this semester.  They worked very hard and the program was amazing.  There were some mad moves, too.

7.  Jeremiah and I went to Ring Dance.  After 14 years of going the first time as his fiance, I went this time as the AOC’s wife!  We had fun.

8.  I also joined Jeremiah for the commissioning ceremony for his firsties.  It was set up so much better than when Jeremiah got his 2nd lieutenant boards.   It was a pretty cool night!  This was the picture one of his cadets took of us.  Jeremiah’s two AMTs and wife along with the two of us.  Blurry but you can still see who is who. 9.  We also went to the USAFA graduation.  First, we sponsored a cadet who graduated (we are so proud of you Erin!).  Second, the kids knew most of the cadets who were graduating out of dad’s squadron.  Third, President Obama was speaking and the girls were particularly excited about this one.  It was an interesting day!

10.  That’s all I have for now.  More to come and I promise to not let the cobwebs back in here!

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