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Ten On Tuesday

1.  Jacob told us all about Christopher Robins and how he sailed the ocean blue in 1972.  He was very accurate about the ships (Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria) and that he sailed the ocean.  He was just a little mixed up on the name and date.  We’ll work on his memory.

2.  Tomorrow Jeremiah is the Watch DOG at school.  Jamie and Jacob are so excited that he will be there all day to help out around the school.  They get a bit of fame for the day!

3.  I get to go to my very first day of middle school tomorrow!  I’m so excited.  I volunteered to be a judge for the Science EXPO.  I will be going to school with Mazie.  I think she’s happy about it.  I’ll be sure to not embarrass her.  Maybe for tomorrow I can be the cool mom.  A girl can hope ;-).

4.  Mazie’s science fair project is a leaf collection.  She had to collect 15 specimens and identify them correctly.  Her portfolio and board look pretty cool.  I will not be judging collections.

5.  Today Jeremiah and I baked.  I made 4 different kinds of cupcakes, 2 dozen each.  Jeremiah made 5 dozen pumpkin chip muffins.  The muffins and half of the cupcakes are going with me to the middle school and the other cupcakes are going to school with Jeremiah.  I am not going to be baking the rest of this week!

6.  The kids got their first quarter report cards and we had parent/teacher conferences this week.  The kids all got great marks.  Jamie’s teacher couldn’t say enough good things about how great of a student she is.  She is quite the leader apparently.  Her shell must be breaking apart!  Jacob’s teacher thinks he is a great little man.  He is in the top reading group and top writing group.  He just seems to keep forgetting his punctuation.  He is also a little chatty.  We will work on that.

7.  Mazie’s a little nervous about her presentation of her project tomorrow.  She just came out of her room for the second time tonight to remind me of when she needs to have her things in place.

8.  Jeremiah is playing Bad Piggies as I type this.  He is addicted.

9.  Fall is my favorite season.  It’s just so pretty around here.  Our tree has completely lost all of its leaves.  We are hoping to get a little jumping in this weekend.  But the colors this year are so bright.  It’s simply beautiful.

10.  October marks a sort of milestone for my handsome husband and me.  As of October 20, we will have been together for half of our lives.  Jeremiah figured out that, based on his birthday, his day is October 4 and based on my birthday my day is October 20.  A little bit of fun trivia on this Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday!

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2 thoughts on “Ten On Tuesday

  1. PopPop on said:

    Sounds like an awesome week. Glad to see the kids are doing so well in school. So proud of all of you!

  2. Gramma Boyer on said:

    HOLY BAKERY!….Bet the house smelled WONDERFUL!!!!
    Mazie…waiting to hear how your presentation went…I can only imagine it went great …..wish I could have been there:(
    LOVE the Christopher Robins story, Jacob..I imagine there are going to be lots of stories to hear about…can’t wait!
    Glad you could be the Watch Dog, Jeremiah! Glad you could be a judge at the Science Expo….Sounds like a COOL Mom and Dad to me!
    Mazie,Jamie, and Jacob…it sounds like you ROCK being GREAT students….Keep up the good work!
    Love and miss you!

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