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Ten On Tuesday

1.  Halloween:  Jamie and Jacob had parties at school.  Mazie was able to wear a costume to school if she paid $1 which went to a teacher who lost a loved one over Fall break.  Otherwise it was uneventful.  We had our annual Guts and Bones dinner (spaghetti squash and bread sticks).  But the kids had fun and enjoyed a piece of their candy from Boo at the Zoo.

2.  We had a Ninja…and a purple fairy…and a Shake It Up dancer…3.  I voted about a month ago by way of absentee ballot.  I hate that I had to base my vote on someone who was going to damage the country less.  But I voted, nonetheless, did you?

4.  Speaking of voting, I have never actually gone to a poll center to vote.  I feel I’m missing out on the American process.

5.  I will be happy when the election is over and the ads are off the radio and tv…and facebook.

6.  With the help of Timmy Tripod and Rowena Remote, I took our family Christmas photos a couple of weeks ago.  They are even edited.  Putting together the cards may take a while…

7.  I received a box of ordered gifts today that will sit in the basement until I have time to wrap and resend them.  I am hoping to get this done by the first week in December…

8.  My birthday is a month away.  Just putting it out there…

9.  I am so excited that Thanksgiving is around the corner…My brother, sister, and niece are coming and I can’t wait!  Neither can the kids.  Jacob has told me that I am to have lots of cranberry sauce so he and Chloe can eat it all!  It’s funny what he remembers from last year.  Mazie and Jamie are just excited to have another girl around.

10.  I am also excited to do my Friday Thankfuls starting this week.  Check back to see what I’m thankful for this year!

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One thought on “Ten On Tuesday

  1. Gramma Boyer on said:

    Awesome costumes for awesome kids!
    Being Thankful…
    I’ll be first ….. I am thankful for the wonderful family I have!
    Love and miss you!:)

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