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National Junior Honor Society

Meet the newest inductee to the National Junior Honor Society…IMG_0003Mazie was invited about a month or so ago to apply to the NJHS.  She filled out the application and handed it in and we waited…and waited…and waited.  Just when I thought that maybe I would have to tell her that she probably didn’t get in, she came home with the invitation to the induction ceremony…IMG_0002She was a little disappointed when she could only invite 3 guests!  I mean, she texted and called several people.  She was also a little disappointed that just Dad and Mom were the only people joining her as her guests.

She came home from school today, a little nervous, and quickly did her homework.  We scarfed down some food and dressed appropriately for the event.  When the neighbors came to watch the littles (thanks Debra and Johnny!), we were off.IMG_0003The ceremony started and the officers spoke about what it’s like being in NJHS and what is expected of the new inductees.  Then the inductees were called forward to receive their candle and meet the officers…IMG_0007After the oath was recited, the inductees signed into the ledger book and had some goodies…IMG_0012


She was begging me to take that last one.  She was eating slowly and with exaggerated movements.  What kind of mom would I be if I didn’t take the picture for her humility later on when her head gets too big for her body with all these things she is accomplishing?

One last one of Mazie and Skyler (the Skyview Middle School’s Eagle mascot)…IMG_0015

We are so very proud of you Mazie!

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4 thoughts on “National Junior Honor Society

  1. So proud of you Mazie!

  2. Gramma Boyer on said:

    So proud of you Mazie….you make my heart sing ..:D!!

  3. aunt carissa on said:

    congratulations mazie!!! we are all so proud of you.

  4. PopPop on said:

    So very, very proud of you!! What a special moment in your young life! You have accomplished so much and you have certainly made all of us so very proud of your accomplishments. Love you lots!!

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