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Ten On Tuesday

1.  Today was 80s day for Mazie at school.  If you are friends with me on Facebook, you saw the picture I posted this morning before she left for school.  Mazie said that her first period teacher played some 80s music.  I asked what was played and she said, “She played a song by some group called Wham!.  It was pretty weird music.” Yes, Mazie, 80s music is different.

2.  Jacob is one week away from turning 6.  I have not yet started hyperventilating.  So there is a plus!

3.  His big party is on Saturday at Ariel’s Gymnastics.  He’s so excited that he has forgotten to ask for things other than generic cars (or any vehicle) and Angry Birds stuff.  He just wants his friends to enjoy the party.  And his specific cake.

4.  He has ordered a chocolate cake with chocolate filling and icing and chocolate chips.  He is calling it his triple chocolate birthday cake.

5.  Jamie brought home her science fair display board today.  It’s bigger than she is.  She is so excited about her project.  She will be testing different ways to make popcorn.

6.  I have an X-rated cake order for Saturday.  A lady called me to ask if I can put a tux on a certain male body part and put it on a cake.  I said I would do my best.  I think he turned out pretty spiffy complete with a top hat and rose on his lapel!  If you want to see a picture, email me.   I won’t post it here or on the cake site since they are family friendly.

7.  I am making a green velvet cake for the cadet birthdays in Jeremiah’s squadron tomorrow.

8.  Easter is coming.  That means Easter Ham.  It’s the one time of the year I make ham.  But more importantly, according to my husband, are the leftover dinners that the Easter Ham leads to…ham potpie and ham and green beans.

9.  My mom is coming to visit next week.  Just in time for our two-week Spring Break.  Maybe this break won’t feel like it’s so long!  If it’s nice, we are heading to the zoo.

10.  I get to go on a date next week with my littlest love in honor of his birthday.  There is another good point about him turning 6.  He is planning on Zio’s for dinner and then coming back here for his special star cake and gifts.

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