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Did you know that today was our very last 6th birthday bash? Well, it was.  And did you know that there was a certain boy who was all over turning 6 today?  Well, he was. In fact, he was so excited about turning 6 that he came downstairs just before 8am to see if there would be a visible change from 8am to 8:01am (his birth minute).


Well, there wasn’t but he said he felt older, nonetheless!  Dad had to take the birthday boy for a hair cut this morning.  I mean, he had to look great for our big date tonight!  When he told the hair cut lady that it was his birthday and that he had to go buy flowers for Mom for his date, the lady decided to give him a little gift (a pencil pouch with goodies inside) and send him on his way.  After lunch, he decided to open his birthday presents.  So after a photobomb from dad…


and a photo of him posing like the “woman in art class” (meaning Mona Lisa)…


he got right to it…


He was very happy with the things he received.  It was soon time for our date.  Since we were ready a bit earlier than planned, he agreed to a little photo shoot.



When I asked him to pose like I feel.  This is what I got…


I wasn’t sad.  A little sentimental, yes. But not sad.  I did not feel the need to cry all day!  Then he suggested this…


And this is what I felt like…


No, really, I didn’t but he is my baby.  I did feel like running to my bedroom and pouting today, maybe just one time. 😉

What’s so big about turning six?  In this house, you get to start chewing gum!  Jacob’s choice for his first piece?  Root beer flavored sugarless gum…


It was a hit!


For about 5 minutes and then he was tired of chewing it and spit it out.  But he told me that when he is in his 20s and not living with me anymore, he can chew gum any time he wants to without asking!  Ok, buddy.

It was time for our date finally.  Jacob rang the doorbell and handed me flowers and even gave me a kiss!


I know the photo is blurry but I love, love, love it.  I love how he has his hands in his pockets, how he let me kiss him for the flowers, how he blushed when I thanked him for the flowers, how his has his “date” shoes on, all of it.  We went to Olive Garden for our date.  He held my hand to cross the parking lot because “a gentleman helps a lady cross the street” and held the door for me to enter first.

When we finished our date and arrived home, he was ready for his cake.  So we sang and so did he…


and we enjoyed our last 6th birthday celebration…


Happy Birthday, Jacob.  We love you!!

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4 thoughts on “#6

  1. Gramma Boyer on said:

    HAPPY #6 BIRTHDAY …. Love you much🎂😘

  2. Wow Jacob, you are so big and SUCH a gentleman! Good job handling the day Mom!

  3. PopPop on said:

    Good choice on the flavor of gum, Jacob. So glad you had a really special 6th birthday! Love you lots!

  4. Megan's mom on said:

    Love this post!…just looked at it again and thought I should tell you how good the pics are and to keep posting! Yopu do a great job of it Megan!
    Just hang on to these moments….they go away faster than you can imagine :O!!!
    Live well,Love deeply, Laugh often….and PRAY it never ends!

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