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Summer Round Up

So I figured with school starting next week, I should probably update the blog.  Honestly, we’ve just been enjoying the summer and each other.  That’s my only excuse for not blogging.  It’s just one thing that didn’t happen because I was having fun with the family.

Anyway, the kids had swim lessons and we discovered a really cool park and duck pond that was near the pool.  We’ve already played there many times and have had a family picnic there.  And we are doing it again this weekend!


See the babies?  They would completely dunk themselves under the water and pop up in some other spot.  I had never seen a duck or duckling do that before.  The kids thought it was pretty hilarious.




So the kids can officially swim and we celebrated by going to a local water park for an afternoon.  Yes, that’s right, I walked around a water park (for the second time this summer) in a bathing suit all day long.  There was a water slide that I was coerced into doing.  I did it once and not again.  There were a few pools and the lazy river to float.  The kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves for the day.  Jeremiah and I couldn’t stop laughing at how they played in the water.

This is what the furry kids have been doing this summer.  Trying to stay cool with all this heat and humidity…



I really have no idea why Max looks like she has been put in the corner but that’s kind of her spot.  And Sadie is just a weird dog.  I think the walls must be cool to her.  They love the neighbor dogs and usually end up winning the barking matches they have outside.  At least it’s during the day and not early in the morning or late at night when they have to “talk” loudly with each other!

I started chore charts after we moved here.  Each kid has their own chart and is assigned various chores per day.  One is helping with supper.  Jacob was helping me make Susie’s Tacos one night and decided that he better put his apron on because they are “so messy”.

Copy (1) of IMG_0004

Good thing too, since he’s a messy cook like his mama…

Copy (1) of IMG_0005

And we apparently needed a little Mexican music to go with all the cooking…


Here is a picture of Antelope Island in the Great Salt Lake from our back yard.  It looks better in person, if anyone wants to visit…


The kids have been enjoying games of Ladderball with dad.  It’s kind of funny to watch the kids “adjust” their tossing distances…



We’ve also been spending a lot of time just playing with the neighbor kids.  I had 12 kids on my porch one afternoon playing with Legos and Barbies.  They ranged in age from 2 years to 12 years and only 3 were boys!  The kids had fun and I just enjoyed listening to their little conversations.  A lot of nights, we get a nice breeze after supper and it is nice to sit on the porch and watch the kids ride their bikes or scooters.  Jeremiah and I get to catch up with each other on our days and the kids wear themselves out by playing.  It’s a win/win situation!

And, if you follow me on Facebook, you will know that we are officially training wheel free here in the Stahr house.  Jacob took Mazie’s old Strawberry shortcake bike for a couple of spins last week…



He just kind of hopped on (with a little help from dad) and just went.  He realized after a few trips around our little side of the block that he was riding a girly bike and got off.  Dad surprised him by taking off the training wheels that were on his boy bike the next night and he’s been going ever since…



So while my Mommy heart breaks that my kids are growing way too fast, I’m so proud of my boy who decided he just didn’t need the extra help anymore.  The training wheels were really the last “little kid” thing we had around here.  *sigh*

I have to say that I am so very excited for this school year.  We went to a registration night at the new school last week.  Mazie got her schedule and locker number and combination.  She’s happy that she knows 2 people in her first period class already.  And that she gets to make pajama bottoms in home ec (or whatever they are calling that class these days).  Jamie has a brand new teacher and will meet her on Friday!  And if you know Jamie, you know she’s happy about meeting her teacher before Monday.  Jacob hasn’t met his teacher yet but is super excited about first grade.  He just thinks it’s going to be a magical year!  I hope he’s right.  I’m just happy that they are all in the same building and they all start and end their day together.  They have a little meeting spot (decided mutually by the three of them) where they will meet and come to the car after school.  I’m also really excited about the smaller class sizes.  I think it will be better all the way around.  But more on school next week!

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