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I finished up the 5 week course I was teaching to Jamie’s 4th grade class for Junior Achievement.  It really was so much fun.  The kids were always joining in the conversation and really understanding what I was trying to teach them.  I was so nervous about teaching 27 9/10 year olds, having their undivided attention, trying to keep them engaged, etc.  The students were so awesome.  I totally underestimated them.  These kids were so smart.  They had answers to questions that I wouldn’t have been able to come up with and they had such great ideas about how to fix financial problems.  I was completely amazed by these students.  So for the last class I got them these pencils from etsy with the phrase Mistakes = Learning because that was one of the key points of my session.  I also made a little treat of cupcakes to hand out.  The class surprised me with a packet of homemade thank you cards and a gift card to Cold Stone.


When I sat to read these thank yous, I was laughing and crying at what the kids wrote.  It filled my heart that they thought I did such a great job with them.  It was truly a great experience!

On to Halloween parties at school…The elementary part of the school had a little parade for the parents and then went on to parties in their class rooms.  During the parade, neither Jamie or Jacob would look at my camera knowing I was waiting to snap away.  So I just took some of them doing their party activities instead…



Then we went home, ate our traditional supper for Halloween…Bones and Guts (aka: spaghetti squash and bread sticks), and then went trick or treating with the neighbor kids.  Trick or Treating on base is a crazy experience.  People come from everywhere because they know it’s safer than just out in a normal neighborhood.  My sad little bucket of Tootsie Pops were gone within minutes, I’m sure.  But the kids had a grand time and it was fun to walk around our little neighborhood.




IMG_0037And remember the office party a few weeks ago?  Here is the picture of all of us from that party…


Timmy the Tripod assisted Cam the Camera in taking our family pictures this past weekend.  The kids *mostly* cooperated for 45 minutes to get quite a few pictures.  Maybe I will get to the editing process to share them here.  Who knows on that one?

Tonight Mazie has a band concert.  She is one of 2 flutes in the band of 10 or so students.  It should be interested!  More to come on that.

And one last note…I want to say Thank You to all of those who have served, are currently serving, and will serve in the future, in the military.  Because of you, we can have things like blogs and opinions.  I am very proud of my military family from all over the country and world.  Happy Veterans Day!

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