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Monday Mash

So I’ve been a little lazy with the blog.  It’s gonna happen more than not since the holidays are coming and I want to get a few things up here before we really dive into them.

1.  Mazie’s concert went off without a hitch on Veteran’s Day.  We weren’t sure what to expect since the band teacher isn’t too particular about things like getting a concert together but it was great.  The orchestra, the guitar class, the choir, and the band all had mini concerts.  Mazie (being one of two flutes) played her little heart out and I couldn’t have been more proud of her.  This was the first year the school even had a band and most of the 10 player band had since August to learn the music and their instrument.  So it was pretty impressive that the band sounded as good as they did.


2.  Jacob and I have been playing a little game.  I tell him how much I love him and he tries to one up me by saying he loves me more.  I decided to take it to a new level and write something on his dry erase board.  After a few times of erasing and starting again, I finally got a picture before erasing this time…


I’m not sure how to top dinos.  If you know my son, there isn’t much better than dinos.  Maybe I will have to go back to food or maybe something about space.  His last comment (written after I took the picture) was that he loved me more than dinos and…dad.  That’s a big one to top!

3.  Pop Pop is arriving today!  We are all a bit excited about that one.

4.  We are having a little dessert party on Thanksgiving.  A Dessert of Friends, if you will (instead of our Feast of Friends).  The girls informed me that I haven’t made enough of our Fall treats this season and they were missing some since we are heading full force into the Christmas treat season.  So they helped make a list of what I haven’t made and I quickly decided that the neighbors who are sticking around for this holiday need to help eat all of these treats.  So if you are around, come join us.  It should be fun!

Happy Monday!

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