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Ten On Tuesday

1.  On Friday when Jeremiah and I picked up the kids from school, Jacob got into the car and stated, “I can’t wait for Monday”.  It doesn’t matter if his reason was because the school just announced that all Mondays are now free dress, it was music to my ears!

2.  Tonight while going through our bedtime routine, Mazie asked if she could pick out her clothes after Jamie did instead of right away.  Normally whoever is taking a shower gets right into the shower and the other picks out clothes for the next day and gets ready to take her shower.  I asked why out of curiosity and Mazie said she didn’t want Jamie to see what she picked out and then copy her.  I told her that one day very soon she will miss that her little sister wants to be like her.

3.  We are thinking of letting Mazie go to a different school next year.  It’s a charter school for high school but they allow the kids to work on their associates degree while finishing high school.  It happens to be a STEM school also.  She has to go to the school for a year before applying for the degree program.  Opinions are welcome, of course.

4.  I found a yummy yogurt that is dairy, sugar, and grain free.  It’s by So Delicious and it is just that.  If you have had their ice cream, then you should try their yogurt.  Jacob asked me this weekend if he could taste my “Geek yogurt” after explaining that it is Greek yogurt and having a bit of a chuckle between us he tried it and loved it.

5.  Pinterest has been good to me with some yummy recipes.  I made some yummy homemade grain-free granola.  And everyone picks at it, including my picky pants husband!

6.  I had my routine check up at the dentist this week.  I told Jacob that I was cavity free and that my hygienist said I had no tartar and take very good care of my teeth.  He looked at me very seriously and said, “I’m so glad you are taking good care of your teeth.”  I couldn’t help but laugh. That kid cracks me up.

7.  Jamie had to apply for a job in her class.  All the kids had to apply for a job.  She chose to apply for Art Director.  She filled out an actual application and had to get 2 letters of recommendation.  She quickly asked Pop Pop to email something the night before he went on his big trip to Ireland (which he did, of course) and she asked the neighbor who is a second mom (between our houses either our kids are over there or their kids are over here).  Interviews were last week and Jamie got the job.  She was so proud of herself.  Of course, we were too.

8.  Jamie, Mazie, and I have our big girls night out coming soon.  I’m so excited.  More for the fact that it is still a surprise to the girls than the actual surprise.  Plus we get to have some girl time that we just don’t do often enough.  I have almost let it slip so many times but surprisingly have caught myself.  I’m really not great at keeping good things secret!  This is a new thing for me.

9.  Jamie joined the choir.  Her teacher happens to have organized it this year for the elementary students.  So when she came home with the paper giving the information about it, she was all for it.  One plus for the school that cut band and orchestra for this year.

10.  I love that Jeremiah can come home for lunch almost every day.  There are some days that fill up with meetings or whatever but for the most part he comes home, even if it is for a quick bite to eat.  Having his office only 5 minutes away is nice.

Happy Tuesday!

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One thought on “Ten On Tuesday

  1. Gramma. Boyer on said:

    Tuesdays are always great… But better when I can read about your little corner of the world!
    First of all I think ALL schools should be more available.
    I think Mazie will do great in a STEM SCHOOL and has the capability to work on her degree the same she is doing her reg studies. I vote YES!
    Love that Jacob is anxious to be back at school before the weekend begins!
    Congratulations on your New job Jamie!!!
    Glad to hear Jeremiah is not so much a picky pants eater!
    Great job Megan on the posting! Have a great girls night out!

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