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Ten On Tuesday

1.  Mazie, Jamie, and I went to the Katy Perry concert last night.  My ears are still ringing.

2.  The girls had so much fun.  There were lights and costume changes and all their favorite songs.  My favorite part was watching the girls.

3.  I don’t think I embarrassed them too much.  Although I got quite a few eye rolls and “nice” comments when I was jammin’ to the music in between the acts.  I mean, who can sit still when DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince is playing?

4.  This weekend last year, we had a dusting of snow.  I’m hoping that the forecast for 70s will stay.

5.  Jeremiah was picked to be on the Materiel Leader candidate list.  If you are in or have been in the AF, you understand what that is.  Since I am not, I can not explain it but I do know it’s a big deal.  It was only a 30% chance to get on the list of 65 for 32 positions.  We will know sometime in December if he gets a position.

6.  Parent/Teacher conferences are next week.  I’m love hearing good things about my kids.

7.  Mazie has a college planning session with her counselor next week.  Can you believe that one?

8.  I start teaching the Junior Achievement classes to Jacob’s class tomorrow.  I’m so excited.  Jacob finally admitted tonight that he was too.

9.  Mazie wanted to bake a bunch of Fall treats for the school’s farmers market last week.  We were told 4 days before that we weren’t allowed to use our own kitchen unless it was commercial or the treats needed to be store-bought.  So I asked the chaplain across the street if the chapel’s kitchen might be of use and it was not.  So we went to The Sweet ToothFairy (who won on a Cupcake Wars episode) to see if we could get a discount on some goodies to sell.  They totally pulled through for us and donated over 150 cake bites!  Mazie was so happy.  At the farmer’s market she sold some.  But it wasn’t until we came home that she really made money.  She walked up and down the street with Jamie helping her selling what she had.  Thanks neighbors! You Rock!!

10.  Since I had already purchased the supplies we would need for all those Fall treats, I have to use them up.  So Mazie decided (thanks to a suggestion from Pop Pop) to have a bake sale this Friday.  She and her neighbor friend, Lizzy, will be selling the baked goods and using the profits toward their total they were trying to raise for the cancer hospital with their lemonade stands this summer.  They are at about $200 already.  They will be selling pumpkin whoopie pies, caramel apple cupcakes, applesauce cupcakes with maple buttercream, chocolate chip and sugar cookies, and brownies.  If you are around, check them out by the youth center and donate to charity!  I’m so proud of these two girls for doing this over the summer.

Happy Tuesday!

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