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Last Day of School

Since we’ve been out of school for a whole week, it seems like it’s time to post the first day/last day of school pictures.  I’m happy that it’s not the beginning of the next school year already.  A week is good!  Although we are starting to get bored.  It’s been nice outside so the kids have been having fun with their water trampoline but you can only be in the water for so long before that gets old.  Good thing we have a road trip planned for this week!

Mazie, the new high schooler, is so excited about 9th grade. I think it’s funny she is wearing the same color.  I’m not liking how mature she, seemingly all of a sudden, looks.


Jamie, the new middle schooler, is also excited about 6th grade.  Again, too mature…


Jacob, the new 3rd grader, can’t wait to see who his teacher is.  Don’t get me started on his comparison…


The kids had a fabulous school year.  Here’s to a fun summer, not waking up too early, being exhausted from all the fun and sun, and simply relaxing for the summer (with a trip or two here and there).  Happy Summer Break!

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