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Last Day of School

Since we’ve been out of school for a whole week, it seems like it’s time to post the first day/last day of school pictures.  I’m happy that it’s not the beginning of the next school year already.  A week is good!  Although we are starting to get bored.  It’s been nice outside so the kids have been having fun with their water trampoline but you can only be in the water for so long before that gets old.  Good thing we have a road trip planned for this week!

Mazie, the new high schooler, is so excited about 9th grade. I think it’s funny she is wearing the same color.  I’m not liking how mature she, seemingly all of a sudden, looks.


Jamie, the new middle schooler, is also excited about 6th grade.  Again, too mature…


Jacob, the new 3rd grader, can’t wait to see who his teacher is.  Don’t get me started on his comparison…


The kids had a fabulous school year.  Here’s to a fun summer, not waking up too early, being exhausted from all the fun and sun, and simply relaxing for the summer (with a trip or two here and there).  Happy Summer Break!

End Of Summer/Back To School 2014

So the kids were in Pennsylvania for almost 2 weeks this summer without us parents.  They were so excited about the whole trip.  Mostly because Jacob came up with the whole trip being named “Camp No Rules”.

Here are some pictures from Pop Pop’s camera of things they did in PA…









Fun was had all over PA.  They went to Gettysburg, Knoeble’s amusement park, Hershey’s chocolate factory, Penns Cave, Color Me Mine.  They also had great fun with Stahr Mam and Pappy John but I haven’t gotten any pictures from that part.  They had fun seeing all the family and just hanging without us interfering.  Those pictures above are in no particular order.  Those were just the few I picked from a cd that had way too many to post.  I also have no pictures from their time with Gramma (what’s up with that, Mom?).

And this one is just ’cause I love my baby brother so, so much.  The picture was begging to be posted…



While that doesn’t show their whole trip, just know they are still talking about being in Pennsylvania.  They really enjoyed their trip!

Pinterest has been fun for us this summer.  This is one of the activities I took pictures of.  We did the ivory soap experiment.  We put a bar of ivory soap (I’ve read this does not work with other bars of soap) on a plate and popped it in the microwave…



Then we started the microwave for 2 minutes.  At 40 second down, the soap started to expand and continued for the rest of the time…


When the time was up, we let it cool to touch.  The kids were surprised by the way it felt.  It looked fluffy and light but kind of crumbled to the touch.  It was smooth like soap should be and they could pack it back together but they couldn’t form anything other than solid shapes.


It was pretty could to see.  Not really worth buying a pack of 8 bars to use one for this experiment but it’s soap.  It will be used up.  Plus the whole kitchen smelled of ivory soap for the rest of the day.

First day of school…Two weeks ago!  I can’t believe school has been in session for 2 weeks already.  The kids are loving this year so far.  After registering Mazie for 8th grade about 3 weeks ago, she was so ready to start school.  I can’t believe she is in her last year of middle school!


After reading her bio on the school’s website, Jamie was so excited to meet her 5th grade teacher this year.  Plus she had just recently updated her eyeglasses so she was ready to show them off…


Jacob was a little hesitant about starting 2nd grade until back to school night a few days before school started.  He met his teacher and quickly knew it was going to be a good year.  The fact that she happened to be pretty had nothing to do with it. 😉


So looking at these pictures, I’m left wondering how my kids got so old.  It’s a mystery to me, really!


Ok, that’s better.  Now I can claim these kids! 🙂


Leader Day

Jacob was class leader today at school.  Since it was the last day before Spring Break and his birthday happens to be on Monday, they celebrated his birthday.  He was so excited.  I asked what he wanted to take for snack and he said, “Jacobobs” without hesitation.  I asked if he wanted to make them colorful.  He said, “sure”.  So I used one of my pins on pinterest and made rainbow fruit kabobs.I was happy with the way they turned out.  I used strawberries, cuties slices, pineapple chunks, green grapes, blueberries, blackberries, and red grapes.  ROYGBIV!Jacob was pretty pleased with them too.  According to him, his classmates loved them!  We will be doing these again.

Last First Day

So I’m two weeks behind with this.  It’s Jacob’s first day of school.  And while it happened two weeks ago, posting pictures on here made it more real than I was ready for.  You see, this happens to be our LAST first day of preschool.  And it’s a little hard for me to swallow that truth.  But, nonetheless, it happened and it needs it due attention.  So without further procrastination…I present Jacob’s first day of preschool 2011.He was so excited.  He couldn’t wait to get started.  He had to wait a whole month after the girls started and was quite jealous!Since we were a bit early, we sat on the bench until the teachers were ready for us.  He was telling Dad that he was excited and since he wouldn’t look at the camera with me I gave him kisses…

That’s what you get when you don’t cooperate with mom. 😉  Each child was given a color and shape.  Jacob’s was a blue square.  He is supposed to find the blue square no matter what room he goes to.  That’s his special spot.  He found his hook with his blue square and hung up his bag and jacket…and went right into the room.  He was so excited to see play dough ready for them to use…and with one last smile…Dad and I were told to leave so he could get on with his learning.  So there you have it…our Last First Day of preschool.  *sigh*

Science Fair

Today after school, the parents of all the fourth and fifth graders were able to go into the school to view all the science fair projects.  It was so cool to see all the projects displayed throughout the gym.

And then we came upon Mazie’s project.  She was so proud to show it off among the others.  I know I’m a little partial but I thought hers looked so professional compared to some of the others.

She worked so hard on this project but had fun too.  Mazie said she presented it to her class today and it went well.  Tomorrow is the official judging.  Wish her luck!

Preschooler Songs

I have to say that one of my very favorite things as a mom is to see my kids in a program.  I don’t care how out of key they sing, it is just something I have to see.  Today was Jacob’s last day before Winter break and his class had a little party. 

The teacher read The Mitten and the kids (and some of us parents) were completely enthralled…

The kids were asked to find their letters (what a cool way to have them line up and listen…makes me want to get alphabet carpet all over the house 🙂 !)

As you can see from the last picture, Jacob was pretty excited.  Not that he was going to sing his best for us but that he was standing beside his little red-haired girlfriend, Miss Bella!  Nice.

Their first song was to the tune of I’m A Little Tea Pot but was about a snowman and he melted at the end of the song which meant the kids had to act like they were melting…

And since they were already down, the next song had to do with sleeping bears to the tune of Are You Sleeping?…

Then the grand finale was Jingle Bells!  And the kids were jingling bells, of course and belting it out…out of key, out of sync…man, I love preschooler singing!

“In a one horse open sleigh.  HEY!” Can’t you just hear it…

They put their bells back and lined up for their big bow…

It was time for food…

And Santa joined us by surprise.  The kids were so excited to see him come in the door.  It happened to be snowing (finally) and it was a perfect entrance.  I can’t believe this is Jacob’s first encounter with the big guy.  Since the girls never liked sitting on his lap, we just never pushed Jacob to do so.  But he was so excited to actually meet him that I’m not sure he even realized he was on his lap!

The teachers took a family photo of us with Santa and we made a wreath ornament for on the tree.  Jacob was all about placing the different colors of tissue paper all around our picture.

It was such a fun hour.  Tomorrow…each of the girls has a party…at the same time.  Jeremiah is joining Mazie and Jacob and I are joining Jamie!

Mazie Monday

Mazie’s robotics team had their competition this past weekend at UCCS.  It was so amazing.  There were a total of 40 teams registered.  38 competed.  Check out what the Odyssey STEM cells had for their getups…

They made hats with bubble wrap and legos.  They were pretty neat.

This is the team presenting their research to the judges…

They also had a technical interview where they showed the different things their robot could do.  I wasn’t allowed to be in that part so there are no pictures for that.  Then there was practicing.  They had three separate practice competitions in the morning…

There were three official competitions after lunch.

It really was nail biting, let me tell you!

After the individual team competitions, the judges put the teams into groups.  Three teams joined together and competed as one team.  The team our team was apart of was called Alliance 6. 

There were 13 alliance teams with three levels of competition.

There was also a little time to let off some steam.  The announcer for the day decided to lead the kids (and some coaches) in a little YMCA dancing.

Then it was onto the awards.  Mazie’s team was ranked 13th (out of 38) for the individual team competition.  Their Alliance team ranked 3rd of the 13 competing!  They didn’t advance to the next level of competition but they did a great job.  They were one of the youngest teams.  Most of the teams were mostly middle school aged kids!  So each of the teams received medals for just participating.  Here is Mazie running by the judges, giving high fives, to get her medal…

Mazie was completely exhausted by the end of the day but so happy that she was apart of it.  It was an amazing day!

School Work

Wednesday was a pajama day for Jacob.  He wanted to stay in his jammies and do his homework!  So that’s just what we did.  He was supposed to decorate a turkey for his classroom.  So he told me the specifics of what I was to do and what he was to do. 

My directions were to cut some feathers in the colors of his choice, punch some stars in the same colors as those feathers, and get the glue!

He was to put things were they were supposed to be.  He started with the feathers.  He put the glue stick on the turkey and placed the feathers.  Then smeared more glue on the turkey (and a little on the table ;-)) and placed the stars.  He put buttons on the feet and picked out the ribbon for a bow.  He decided to ask me to make the bow and put star tacks for the eyes.  He placed the bow though.

He decided the turkey needed a little bit more color and added some.  Finished product…

He was so proud of it.  On Thursday he marched it into his classroom and handed it right to his teacher with a huge smile on his face!

One thing we’ve been working on this week…deleting all naps.  We went through this a few months ago when he wasn’t staying in bed at night.  So we shortened his nap.  He started the whole “I’m not going to stay in bed” thing (sometimes until 10pm) again about a week ago.  We decided to try it a few days without nap.  He has been staying in bed all night but still not completely ready to be rid of his naps.  This is what happened after he worked so hard on his turkey…

Today was a special day for Jamie.  In her soaring class (the enrichment program at school), she has been working on a project about the Sioux indian tribe.  Today she was to present her information to her class.  Anyone who knows Jamie, knows how big this was for her.  She did such an awesome job!  She read her book that she made with gorgeous drawings.

She was to make a visual aide for her project and she chose to do a painting.  She had a buffalo and buffalo rug on the picture as well as the Sioux Indian girl blowing a horn to warn the others in the tribe of a storm that was coming!

All of this was done in front of the entire class.  I was so proud of her for doing it!  At supper, I asked her how she was able to do all that without being nervous.  She smiled and said, “but I was very nervous”.

Not to leave Mazie out, she is gearing up for her big Robotics competition.  She has been working hard at the practices with her team getting ready.  I have no pictures at this time but there will plenty of the actual competition!

Happy Friday!

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