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Americans We

I love music programs.  What’s not to love…kids singing off key, their funny dance moves, seeing the kids dressed up.  It’s a highlight for me!  I remember when I was in elementary school.  I thought we sounded awesome and, even though we didn’t sound awesome, I have fond memories of performing at my concerts. 

Last night, Mazie had her music concert.  Since it was on Veteran’s Day, the theme was americana.  It was amazing.  There was a color guard there to present the American and Colorado State flags.  We all said the Pledge of Allegiance (Jacob too because he learned it in school!) and then enjoyed the first song.  You have to look closely to see Mazie.  She the small one in the third row on the left side of the picture.

The students then got off the stage for the second song.  The music teacher put together a slideshow of all the parents who are currently or have served in the military.  The kids sang while the slideshow was going on.

The music teacher asked if everyone would stand for the singing the National Anthem.  Tears filled my eyes to hear all the people in the audience join the fourth graders in singing.

The program was simply spectacular!


Mazie Monday

Mazie has her mama’s ears.  I saw that the minute the doctors handed her to me in the hospital.  So wearing pony tails won’t be a big deal if she doesn’t mind the wind flapping the tops a little!  I am very sorry she inherited that feature from me…

But she does have a great smile.  It takes a little to get that “real” smile out of her when I am trying to take a picture.  But when it does come out, it’s just perfect!

She is super smart.  I know many of you know this already but she is constantly thinking of something to solve.  Her brain never rests!

I suppose that’s a good thing.  She is a sharp one!

She loves being a part of her robotics team at school.  The kids do everything from building to programming.  Last week she programmed her robot to put a bone back together.

Should I be worried?  Yeah, I thought so…

I love you, Mazie Moo.  Even if you can figure out what my computer is supposed to be doing and I can’t!

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