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Ten On Tuesday

1.  I didn’t blog in October or November.  If you follow the blog at all, you already know that.  I’m not really sure what happened to the time of October and November.  We were just enjoying being us and I didn’t really share it here.  I’m kind of torn between keeping the blog going and stopping it altogether.  Thoughts?

2.  Halloween was fun around here.  The kids were minions and Jeremiah and I were Gru and Lucy.  These pictures are from Jeremiah’s work party…Oh and by the way, just in case you were wondering, there is no costume for Lucy.  Apparently she isn’t a big enough character.  I had to piece the whole thing together (thank you Amazon).



3.  Jamie had her first choral concert at school.  This year one of the elementary teachers and the music teacher decided to start a choral club for the elementary kids.  She was in heaven.  This girl does love to sing…


4.  Thanksgiving was grand.  It was a lovely long weekend.  We had a yummy turkey dinner with too many sides.  But it was just enough to have leftovers one night, turkey pot pie one night, and turkey enchiladas one night.

5.  We had a fun little party with some even funner friends.  There was a lot of dessert, a little more drinking, a lot more laughing, and maybe some singing.  Everyone is tone-deaf when wine is involved, right?  It was a good night.

6.  My dad’s birthday is tomorrow.  Happy Birthday Dad!  We can’t wait to celebrate when you are here next week!!

7.  That means my birthday is on Thursday.  I have already received a gift and a card in the mail (thanks for thinking of me, friends).  They are both teasing me from the counter, as I will wait until my actual day of birth to celebrate. 😉

8.  I have all of my Christmas shopping complete (aside from my own children).  This is pretty late for me.  I am usually trying to package all the gifts so they can be mailed.

9.  Now if I could get my Christmas cards addressed and mailed and the gifts mailed to various places across the country, I’d be set.  It’s a good thing I like to wrap presents.

10.  We are decorating for Christmas this weekend.  I’m so excited.  Again this is kind of late for us but I love doing it.  The real tree with it’s pine-y smell and all the lights.  It’s so magical.  This is my favorite time of the year.

Happy Tuesday!


Thanksgiving went off without a hitch this year.  Starting with the turkey (named John by Jacob)…


all the way to the feast…


Our feast this year included John the turkey (cooked, of course), mashed potatoes, stuffing, green beans, cranberry sauce, brown sugar carrots, corn, and homemade sweet potato knots.  It, of course, was way too much food as usual and we will be eating leftover until Christmas but it was so yummy.

We then cleaned up from our feast to have a dessert party with our neighbors.  It was so much fun and, again way too much food.


Desserts consisted of Shoo Fly Cake, Pumpkin bundt cake with streusel filling and dark chocolate ganache, pear crisp, spice cupcakes with maple buttercream, pumpkin pie, apple pie, pecan pie, and pumpkin dip with nillas and gingersnaps.  Whew that’s a lot!

Anyone want to come over for leftovers?


Happy Thanksgiving from our home…to yours!

Thanksgiving 2011

Ok so before we really head into Christmas it’s time I post about our Thanksgiving.  First it was fabulous.  Period.  We were fortunate enough to have some guests this year.  My brother, sister-in-law, and sweet little niece came all the way from the Pittsburgh area and it was fun.  Chloe jumped right into playing with the kids…

We had tea parties and pretend play galore.  Jacob didn’t even mind that he was completely outnumbered since Chloe was so cute.Then it was onto our feast.  Jamie and Mazie did the wishbone this year with Jacob watching closely.  He vowed that next year he gets a turn.Jamie won, in case you needed to know.  And she didn’t tell us what she wished for.  We also got a few group photos…

and some silly faces…We played some instruments…

and played some mad ring around they rosy…We also went to the zoo.

and to the Air Force Academy.  We saw all kinds of “airpanes” but no “ornch” ones.

But, we pretty much just kind of hung around and had a good time with each other…I love this little family…It was so fun to have a little girl in the house for a few days.  You know, since my two aren’t little anymore and have sassy mouths and attitudes.  It was nice to have a little girl laugh and think we were fun.However, I see the attitude and sassy mouth in her future. With her strong will, her parents will have their hands full sooner than they want, I’m sure.Thanks for a wonderful weekend.  We had fun and it was so great having you here!

Thanksgiving Program

Jacob had a Thanksgiving program at school today.  He was so excited about the whole thing.  His teachers told the class to not tell the parents anything about the program so it would be a surprise.  He followed their instructions and wouldn’t tell us anything!

He was an indian…Jacob was so proud to be on stage.  His class was first to perform and they did so with another class.  They sang two songs that were completely out of tune.  It was great.  I love preschool singing!

After the other classes performed, all of the kids stood to give the blessing for their feast.  They all sang the Johnny Appleseed prayer.

Then it was time for the feast.  Jacob was excited about this part the most.  His class made the applesauce and cornbread muffins (shaped into leaves) for the feast.  Those were the things he ate too.  But they had a cute little set up for the students…He does make a handsome indian, doesn’t he?Jacob was most happy that Dad was able to make it.I have to say it was one of the best programs I’ve been to in a long time.  The rest of the day Jacob sang his songs over again.  He was happy he didn’t have to keep it quiet anymore!


Our Thanksgiving was amazing.  First we had lunch in the living room while watching some football…

Snuggled a lot with people we love…

Had a delicious feast (yes I went overboard as usual)…

Then it was onto the fun.  Dad was apparently not too full to play on the floor and have kids jumping on him.  Seriously, at one point Jamie ran from one side of the room, hopped onto his stomach landing on her knees, and slid off laughing hysterically!

There was a little down time.  Typically whoever needed that little break snuggled with Pop Pop…

I had the camera so no one jumped on me 🙂 !  Dad was even musically inclined on Thanksiving night.  He played Wipe Out on the drums…

A trombone in the marching band…

Even a cello in the symphany…

You can see Jacob being a piano with Beethoven’s Fifth being played here

I am thankful for so many things.  My wonderful husband, my beautiful girls, my handsome son, (the fact that they are healthy, smart, and happy), and my family and friends (too many to list here).  I think it’s very clear that we are all happy that Pop Pop is here visiting…

I love my family and am very thankful to be so blessed.

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